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Man Bites Dog

Has anyone here seen this funny-as-fuck french satire film? It’s about a serial killer named Ben who we see a docomentary film crew following him around. Now Ben is a normal well dressed dude with a charming persona. But the second you smile at him BOOM hes killing people left and right. But as he does the film crew starts getting into his evil activities. People say this was disturbing but I found it to be one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen. It was shot in black and white and this was on a shoestring budget as well. But the high humor and acting aregreat in this. The cover says “Makes reservoir Dogs look like muzzled mongrels”. But this film is violent pretty violent but some of it is downright funny. Like one scene where he shows off how he can use his new holster. Lol. If anyone has seen it, reply. Check it out if you like movies about underworld charachters.

i ve heard a lot about this move, some friends told me to watch this one, but i think the move is very hard to find.

by the way its from Belgium.

I stand corrected from someone who hasn’t even seen the film! Fuck I got one upped…

Anyways I had to search long and hard and when I found one a good version it was a criteron collection DVD that was 60 bucks. Its worth every penny though.

I’ve only managed to see it one time (Back around in '95, I think) and I do remember appreciating what I saw in that movie. But here’s something that I never found out:


Who killed the entire crew at the end?


I’ve seen Man Bites Dog up until he gives that old woman a heart attack. I had to shut it off for some unrelated reason. Yeah, it was pretty fucking sweet, I oughta rent it again. I recomended this movie actually in a different thread.

It´s really great movie! but the ending of the movie ist really strange

It looks like it would be the Belgian Chopper.Don’t spoil it for me.

No it’s NOTHING like Chopper. You should see the movie sometime. It’s great.

Is it like Natural Born Killers, Battle Royale, or Series 7.

I just watched this last night on IFC Crime Criterion…VERY entertaining…it was more humoress and entertaining than disturbing, but a lot was disturbing.

What amde it so great was just the dialogue. The way Ben would talk was excellent and very realistic. I could harldy believe these were actors cause they were so natural (Especially the scenes with Ben’s parents) The drinking scene was hillarious…“Dead Baby Boy” I gotta try that :wink:

the most disturbing scene I could think of is when its Ben’s birthday and he gets the shoulder holster and shoots the guy across the table. Something was too real about that, especially how Ben acted followed by silence and him just eating. (reminded me of Goodfellas when PEsci shoots the bartender)

the part with the other camera crew was funny too.

A lot of it seemed just so real, like the old man and the heart attack along with them breaking into the suburban house and killing the family.

Good stuff.

hOLy fuckin coincidence, i saw this movie also last night!

i rented it and it was a pretty damn cool movie. it was pretty disturbing at parts, especially when he gets the camera crew to help him kill the little kid. i thought it was violent, but i still dont see why it was rated NC-17, except for maybe the rape scene.

the part where he gave the old lady a heart attack was funny as hell, and also when they find the other camera crew like KFM said.

overall a really entertaining movie w/ a few slow spots and colorful characters but…again, WHO THE FUCK KILLED THEM AT THE END??

I saw it last night, too. I fuckin loved it. Hilarious, but not the kind of movie you’d want to watch while eating. Thats for sure.

Yeah, although I was enjoying a bowl of Trix during the rape scene.

Yum :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote]Yeah, although I was enjoying a bowl of Trix during the rape scene.

Yum :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? I always thought Lucky Charms would be the cereal of choice for someone watching a rape scene. :wink:

Seriously, though. I pride myself on having a very strong stomache when it comes to movie violence, but I had a box of chilli cheese fries RIGHT before the movie came on, and I spent the last thirty minutes curled up in a ball on the couch trying not to puke. Still, it was entertaining enough that I could not get up or turn my head away from the screen.

crazy film. but great. a must-see

yeah it is a classic

they have done a similar film in Australia recently, about a hitman

lol it’s amazing, the R1 American DVD has extra’s and the R2 Belgian one doesn’t have one extra, not even a trailer, makes very little sense

lol that happened to Kung fu hustle as well, the HK release is just a bare bones release with a trailer. The australian release has stacks of extra bonus shit.

They probably just figure that because it is a local film, they just release it on DVD by itself and then when the foreign distributors come to releasing it they actively seek out extras, because it is a foreign film and they feel there should be extras to give people a better insight into the making, etc.

lol it’s amazing, the R1 American DVD has extra’s and the R2 Belgian one doesn’t have one extra, not even a trailer, makes very little sense

Its only on Criterion, right? That might explain it.

[quote=“The Seb”]
crazy film. but great. a must-see

A guy like you who hates what deadasoren stands for won’t like this movie