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Madson Mentioned QT on Lex and Terry this morning

Hello. I’ve been a lurker for a while now, but I just had to share that Michael Madson was on Lex and Terry morning radio a few minutes ago. Did any one else hear it? He mentioned that Quentin was taking his time working on Inglorious Bastards and that he’s the greatest film maker to come along in his opinion. Just hearing a Madson interveiw was great, but hearing him talk about Quentin was awesome!

Thats awesome. Too bad its going to be another decade before Bastards is even made.

It really bites the big one that he takes his sweet ass time to make a movie, but He does a hell of a job when he finally gets around to it.

i’m sure it’s gonna be worth it, i hope it’s gonna blow people away like crazy, and i mean, 10 times the way KB did, like a top 20 film of all time status

Yeah thats true. I guess Id rather wait and see a kickass film than have him make a film a year and have them be so so. But still, 2 or 3 years between films is enough. I mean at this rate Bastards may be his last film before he retires.

I have the feeling that the delay of IB tells us 3 things:

a) as he said he has more than one script/plot for this thing and he might not be sure yet on how or on what format he might do this (prequels? tv series? miniseries? dump 2 of the 3 stories he has? condense? etc)

b) he doesnt want to rush it and as opposed to grind house and kill bill come up with something really a-grade

c) the project hasn’t taken shape. neither in terms of pre-production nor casting or anything. I think the major delay is that Quentin himself hasn’t quite yet come up with something of a “final product” which which to approach producers, casting directors etc (which might be related to my point a)

We know for sure QT doesnt like to rush his projects. We know that when he writes he has people in mind for the characters. Thats really one of his main things, writing characters for specific actors. He probably knows most of the main cast he wants and I know for sure that whoever he wants he will get when the time comes, noone turns QT down now that they know what he can do. The real problem with IB I think is the storyline since he has so much material to work with. That alone is going to take him a long time to condense and work out.

Yeah, he will have his reasons for not making his movies faster, and whatever they are untill now all of them have been worth the extra wait I think :smiley: 8)