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Madsen on Jimmy Kimmel

Holy shit, Michael Madsen on Jimmy Kimmel fuckin rocked! I almost spooged all over myself from the clip alone. It started out with the scene from the teaser with Bill saying “you’re going to have to start…” all the while playing this beautiful Spaghetti Western music in the background. Man, forget Volume 1. This movie’s gonna be in the top 5 Westerns of all time. but the whole show kicked serious monkey ass. My favorite comedian Zach Galifianakas was the 2nd guest and I don’t think i’ve ever laughed my fuckin ass off so hard. Some motherfluffin hilarious shit.

Also…Madsen’s poetry sucked ASS

damn, i cut on Conan to see Uma and then when it went off i cut to the channel Jimmy Kimmel was on and saw Madsen sitting there and i was pissed. I’d have rather seen Madsen than Uma any day of the week.

I taped taht shit. I can give it to you…um sometime.