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Machine Girl (Japan, 2007)


“Influences” travel both ways; Machine Girl (2007)

Machine Girl is about a teenager named Ami who sets out for revenge on a gang of bullies who tortured her little brother to death. She winds up losing an arm along the way, and replaces it with a high-powered gun, à la Rose McGowan in Grindhouse. But she doesn’t stop at one limb; Ami continues to lose body parts and replace them with more weapons.


Wow this sounds like its right up my alley.


I wonder what the microwave oven is for


I wonder what the microwave oven is for

Making food for the filming crew, perhaps???


Food? with a microwave?


Food? with a microwave?

You don’t understand, you still live at your parents ;D


More Machine Girl stills, this time with ninjas, flying quillotines and plenty of gore:

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Holy Shit, look at this poster

Stolen from dvdmaniacs, posted there by Sheldon Warnock. Check out his thread for another poster.


This movie has all the potential to become an All-Out Splatter-Mayhem Cult-Flick. Sadly, it has also the potential to become awkward crap like “Sukeban Boy”. For the time being (and because of that really sweet poster-artwork) I’ll keep my hopes up.


First trailer, and it kicks enormous ass:

(spotted by Sheldon Warnock at dvdmaniacs)


I wonder what the microwave oven is for

Peter Jackson, around the Bad Taste period, used to make his prosthetics in ovens. I’m sure they’d have better equipment, but you never know.


Ah, didn’t land any film festival close to me. There’s still a chance next year, but now I’m under pressure to buy the R2J (out December 24) as it comes with a shot film Hajirai Machine Girl starring Noriko Kijima (not the Kijima from Legend of the Doll. EDIT. My bad, I think it is the same girl after all. I didn’t remember she was that cute… I hope she has also learned to act cute… she was too wooden in Doll). The tin set looks identical to my Death Trance LE.


Nice… But I’m served with the RC1