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Machete Pics


Tom Savini

Damn, Michelle Rodriguez looks fucking great. It’s really a B cast if you think about it. Most of these stars are out of their prime and Michelle fucked up her career by being too manly - she got typecast in all her movies. Lindsay Lohan was a rising star and now she has to start from ground zero. Jessica Alba can’t act at all - she really brings nothing to the screen but a pretty face. She can be used in silent roles as in Sin City where she makes pretty eyes at the camera, but I never really liked her “acting”.

And rest: Savini, Segal, Trejo are faded icons of their working genre: horror, action, etc.

The cast is what it is but without an experienced director I don’t see this project going anywhere, and the screenplay isn’t all too good to begin with. It’s silly fun at best.

i don’t mean to bash this film but it was fun to see it as a trailer and we got the point. But I will say that Michelle and Lindsay are women of talent, one day someone will actually write a good indie role for Michelle Rodriguez and be in John Leguazamo type of roles, it fits her.

Is anyone in here gonnna actually buy this movie?

I’d rent it.


Robert cut his long hair! :o

A full-length movie about that awesome, badass Mexican who was fucked with? Someone pinch me… I must be dreaming.

… thanks for the pics. i read somewhere on the internet that robert de niro, don johnson and steven seagal are going to be in machete also. brilliant casting …

… robert rodriguez is a titan of cool badass cinema …

Just came back from the movie. Very cool movie. Great jokes, and a lot of blood. A lot.

Padre was quite cool.

[quote=“deadpool247”]Just came back from the movie. Very cool movie. Great jokes, and a lot of blood. A lot.

Padre was quite cool.[/quote]


Well, there is no Machete thread. Well, none involving discussion of the movie, so I just made my comment here. ;D

That’s fine. You can start a new thread if you want, or we could just talk here.

The “Track your films” thread is a good place too, since more people on here will be seeing it soon.