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Machete off IMDB

Went to see if there was any more information on the proposed machete movie and theyv taken it of IMDB.COM. is that movie out the window now?

It seems so :frowning:

Can’t find it either


shit thats really disapointing. wtf.

well, actually it doesnt mean its not gonna be made, its just imdb, but still.

what the heck.

I am not surprised. it probably should’ve never been on imdb in the first place

makes sense. hmm i was really excited about machete though. weird, nobody really knows what robert is doing right now, he used to be like, i will make this awesome movie and then he actually made it. now hes becoming more of a quentin guy, announcing shit and then not making it lol

gosh, the money…and rose xD

Last time he mentioned it he said he was filming it at the same time as Sin City 2 which is his next project just as soon as he’s done promoting Shorts and Miller is done promoting The Spirit.

just checked this topic up again, he said at comicon 08 that he will start this project when hes doing sin city 2 so theres still hope, he said himself itll probably go straight to dvd as a trilogy! so its all up in the air but 3 machete movies!! wow