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Hello! I create a website for the movie MACHETE!

is it going to be a theatrical release.

I’d love it, if the movie would be called “They call him Machete” or “My name is Machete” or “Knifes were yesterday…today it’s MACHETE”

is it going to be a theatrical release.
[/quote]WIKI said :Although originally announced to be released direct-to-DVD as an extra on the Planet Terror DVD, the film is now being produced as [color=red]a theatrical release


you realize that the idea behind wikipedia is to allow EVERYONE to edit it? it never is a realiable resource when it comes to speculative thing like this one.

but see the other topic for that discussion

Yes, sorry…

Hey Everyone!

What do you think about my website?

There was an article that I read, a few weeks after the Grindhouse bust, that Trejo and Rodriguez were still doing Machete, but imdb reports it will be released on video.

can somebody scour some news sources and see what rodriguez is doing RIGHT NOW? are they filming sin city 2 or something?

Recent interview at the 2007 Scream Awards. According to Danny Robert is working on the Machete movie.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … interview/”></LINK_TEXT>

I thought Bob Rodriguez was doing Barbarella next

Thay passed on that idea I think. He’s either making Sin City 2 or Machete…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … o-sequels/”></LINK_TEXT>

He even mentions that there might be a OUATIM sequel with Johnny Depp!

a OUATIM sequel with Johnny Depp!
OMFG!! :o

Are fucking you serious? What for?

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I want Danny Trejo to give me children!

HAHA lol

i cant wait for machete… or shud i say i cant wait for a realiable statement from rodriguez that hes actullay gonna make it, i mean wtf hes becoming more and more like QT lol first he replaces his wife by sum super hot young babe (is she actually that young O.o") and now he keeps on talkin about what movies hes gonna make next and then he jsut drops the projects.

I mean what the fuck man, MAN DUDE MAKE MACHETE MAN!

[quote=“Mr. Jettah”]
what the fuck man, MAN DUDE MAKE MACHETE MAN!

Hey dude, calm, man, the fuck down dude jeez man!!!

i apologize in the name of god :angel: