Lunch with QT in a derelict hospital in Livingston, Scotland

This is a completely true story.

My oldest friend ended up having lunch (a square sausage sandwich) with QT in a derelict former psychiatric hospital in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland.

Google Livingston, West Lothian to see how unremarkable it is:

Livingston, West Lothian - Wikipedia

Anyway, the hospital was being used as a location for ‘The Jacket’ (including improvised army ward scenes). My friend got a part as an extra in the jacket and you can just see his face behind Adrian Brody’s.

Lunch was called and because he was doing the scene with Adrien he had lunch with adrian and Kris Kristopherson.

Someone walked in while they were having lunch and started talking to Kris. He was joking about George Clooney in the film ‘Spy Kids’. My friend asked him what his favourite film was.

The guy replied “The good the bad and the ugly” he replied.

My mate goes “My favorite Clint Eastwood film is that darn good 80’s slasher “Tightrope”.

The guy looked really puzzled and said “Tightrope…Tightrope???” And then started to laugh. he then talked for a while with my mate.

The guy left out the door to go to the toilet.

“He was a nice guy” my mate said.

That’s Quentin Tarantino said Adrian Brody.

My mate goes " Is It?” he had no idea until after he left, he never saw him again after that.

My friend went out for a cigarette and saw QT’s car.

Later after the scene Adrian Brody drove him to the local shop to buy some cigarettes.

Tarantino was promoting his Kill Bill film in Scotland at the time and wanted to go to the set and meet Adrian and Kris Kristopherson while here was here.

Crazy Eh.