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Lou Reed V.S. Susan Boyle!

Quote from

[quote]Susan Boyle was reportedly brought to tears on the Los Angeles set of Fox’s “America’s Got Talent” Wednesday (Sept. 8th), after being denied the permission to perform Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.”

According to the U.K. Sun, Reed denied Boyle the chance to sing his 1972 classic from “Transformer,” the singer/songwriter’s second solo album after parting ways with Velvet Underground. A source said Reed’s reason for the last-minute rejection was that he “didn’t like” Boyle.

Says an insider of Boyle, "She had flown to America to do this and was very excited. Her version of the song was perfect. You could tell she was upset. It’s very disappointing for her."

Unprepared for the rejection by Reed, Boyle reportedly left the set of “Got Talent” in tears and flew back to London this morning.

Now quotes from people without education (comments on Billboard's site):

[quote]I never heard of Lou Reed before. He sure does looks like a looser and a murderer. Susan, you are way better than this guy. Please don’;t waste your time crying on this issue. This guy is an evil.[/quote]
[quote]I have never heard of lou reed in my life.Not only is he no gentelman but also not very famous.I think his refusal of Susan Boyle was just a way to get in the spot light.Well tough nuts.He just looks like a jealous creep. You go Susan u dont need him or his crummy has been song. You r a rising star.Hes a fizzle that never was.[/quote]
Yes, Lou Reed wanted more fame. ::slight_smile:
[quote]@lekkerliefje, everyone sings better than him. I’;ve honestly never heard a worse voice. I had no idea who he was until this story broke and he’s so bad it’s shocking.[/quote]
[quote]Lou who? Susan boyle is an amazing person that has one of the most angelic voices ever so its his loss!!![/quote]
Susan who?
[quote]Ok, Lou, take your song and eat it, Susan sings amazing and of course much better than you! [/quote]
Got him there, but can she write a song better than him? You know, since she had to use someone else’s song in the first place.

Well folks, seems by these people, music was invented in the 2000s, the same time movies came about to the masses. ::slight_smile:

:laugh: ^

In all fairness, if he pulled the rights to the song at the last minute, then that is kinda douchey. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m all for artistic integrity, but maybe he should have said something sooner?

Velvet Underground and Lou Reed are classics. Susan Boyle??? But it was fucked up to do it at the last minute. Very unprofessional. Even for Rock and Roll.

Maybe she should have asked to do “Walk on the Wild Side”. LOL. Can u see her singing “Sugar Plum fairy came and hit the streets. Lookin’ for soul food and a place to eat.” or “In the backroom she was everybodys darlin’”

If she wanted to sing something not sarcastic and more straight-forward, but more emotionally written, she should of asked to do something from the Berlin album, like The Kids or Caroline Says II.

There are new updates saying it isn’t Reed who pulled this. It was some rights issue to sing it on T.V. that didn’t pass in time.

But I’m not mad at Reed either way. His song. His rules. Her crying through the airport is overreacting. She couldn’t sing her own song?

What I don’t understand is how Lou Reed is a murderer.

I’ll tell you what though, the stuff about Lou Reed being a nobody made me laugh. They’re the same kind of people who would write off Brakhage and Marker cause they’ve never heard of them. And cinema owes a great deal to both of them.

God this is too funny I had to share one of the comments on Facebook.