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Looking for HQ pics

Looking for any High Quality stills from both volumes (about 3000 pixels by larger side - journal print). Searched a couple of distributor’s sites, but didn’t find any, and I really need them by the end of next week. HELP :-</E>

check this out:


<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.tarantinoitalia.altervista.o … allery.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

Vol 2

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.tarantinoitalia.altervista.o … allery.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

Very cool site Sylvia! 8)

Holy Crap, what a site. I think I remember visiting that a few years ago.

Yeah, very nice site.

Good pics too.

Thank you all guys! ;D ;D ;D 8) :-*

[quote]I think I remember visiting that a few years ago.[/quote]
no it’s not possible, I created it just a few months ago :wink:

Well then I visited a site almost exactly like that. It was the same structure and everything. Congrats on the site, it’s brilliant.

Loving the site! :smiley: 8)

Very nice :slight_smile:

Here’s some more HQ pictures!

Vol.1: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ?album=119”></LINK_TEXT>

Vol:2: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ?album=120”></LINK_TEXT>


Holy SXXT!

How many hight resolution caps!

Thanks! :smiley: