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Lock stock and two smoking barrels

Has anyone seen this fine piece of cinema? How about the director and writer: Guy Ritche, what are your general opinions of him and his work? Personally, I think he’s great.

You dick!

Great but nowhere near as good as Snatch. I liked the style of violence in it.

Snatch is way better though.

I liked Lock Stock more than Snatch.

But did you see Lock Stock before Snatch or Snatch before Lock Stock?

Or did you see Swept Away before the both of them…

I think I saw Lock Stock first. I saw a couple minutes of Swept Away on HBO, the part where Madonnas singing that come on a my house song and I thought that that was ok, but then it got back to the real movie and it just sucked.

so who’d fuck Madonna? Not now, but like back in the 80s when she was young and hot.

I would.

Yeah Swept way fucking sucks. I saw Lock Stock first also, when it came out back in like 1999. But Snatch seemed much cooler and smoother then Lock Stock. Richie’s unfinished Revolver looked like it would be another smart crime film. But he seemed to put it on hold for some civil war shit or something.

But the question still stands Bullet.

Would you or would you not…fuck Madonna?

Well I was keeping it on topic while you decide to throw it off :slight_smile:

The answer is never.

Liked Snatch better too. But LS&TSB has a cool ass soundtrack.

As for Madonna:

The answer is never.[/quote]

Same here.

The way I see it, is there’s only two kinds of people in the world, MAdonna people, and Cher people. Now Madonna people can like Cher, and Cher people can like Madonna. But no one likes them equally. Somewhere you have to make a choice. And your choice tells me who you are.

So what’s it gonna be Vincent-err…BULLET…can you dig it?

Please dont say Cher…Please dont say Cher…

Lock Stock is one of my favorite movies ever. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had watching a movie.

Worlds better than Snatch.

Both are good flicks - and who cares about cher or madonna

I saw lock stock first and really digged it…really funny movies with a nice story and characters…I love how they filmed the card game…with the spinning cards and coins really cool…

Snatch is the better movie…better music…more entertainment more jokes more fun…

Cher and Madonna are like in the same category: freaks

No, not another Guy Ritchie thread!

And if I ever fuck Madonna she’d be singing “Like a Virgin” all day long.

I agree, The gambling scenes/aspect in Lock Stock was awesome. I play alot of cards and enjoy good gambling movies. The script WAS superior in Snatch though. Avi, and Turkish killed me!

(I’d bang Maddonna’s tight 42 yr old azz right now!)

[quote] [size=25](I’d bang Maddonna’s tight 42 yr old azz right now!) [/size] [/quote]


Ah I just watched Lock Stock again, what a fantastic movie that was. Excellant. Gotta buy this very soon.

It’s a tie with Snatch.