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Location talk

Heres the place to list all the diff locations that will/may be used in the film:

Gorlitz, Germany

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -scouting/”></LINK_TEXT>

That place looks like a fantastic location… at least in that picture with the tower.

add to that of course Babelsberg Film Studios (

Oh, ACE!!! Seb, fly me over to Germany. Please? I’ll be your personal assistant. I’ll bring you lattes and give you foot massages. ;D ;D ;D

I’ll try anything I can to visit the set while shooting!

And I’ll ask if I can maybe even work there. For free, of course. Like I could be the guy who gets the newspapers, coke and hookers to the set.

like they won’t have a 100000000 people waiting list for a job like that already :wink:

like they won’t have a 100000000 people waiting list for a job like that already :wink:

well except for a couple of geeks like us I doubt many people willing to be working on the set have realized that QT is shooting anything in germany. Don’t exaggerate, he’s a god among directors, but he’s not THE god. :wink:

Well anyway I doubt I’ll get a job but I’ll definatley visit the set.

do you live in Berlin? come october, send me a PM if you do

That must be such a great opportunity to be on the set. If the shooting had planned to shoot in France, I’d have done anything to try to visit the set too.

I hope we’ll find the other locations soon. Always exciting to hear about that.

… does that mean there were movies or series shot there previously? What is the cinematic/television history of Gorlitz? If there even is such a history?

PS: Howcome there aren’t more gossips and candids of QT traveling around Germany? Shoudln’t every real German QT fan take it upon him- or herself to follow QT’s path as faithfully as possible? Come on, people, this is a once in a lifetime deal here! Get your act together!

chill out. all we know is they looked at the old tower I posted a picture of… location scouting is not exactly something uncommon :wink:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 163274.txt”></LINK_TEXT>

So funny, I made a presentation for a german class on the Studio Babelsberg like three years ago while it was still a bit “dead” (after all the past gold age). American and foreign productions help this studio A LOT lately to make it better known outside of Germany.

after all, Metropolis was made there…

It’s unbelievable how this studio was so popular, welcomed so much big shooting and huge project and suddently in the 80s and 90s, it started to be less hightech, most of the shooting were shot outside of Germany or on outside locations. Fortunately they made it again great, mainly for TV productions first, and other medias. And now it’s again up for movie shootings.

found the first location picture/photo. trying to get permission to publish it. stay tuned

I watched a film about Leni Riefensthal a week or so ago. They showed the Babelsburg studios and clips from several of her films. It was interesting.

here’s the picture

COOL! Looks like the title is Inglourious Basterds for real.

why do you think that? to me it looks like they just took this from the script’s cover. this improvised parking sign doesn’t really say anything more than we already know / don’t know