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Little Nicky

Ok, exactly what has Quentin Tarantino got to do with this film? I’ve seen it, but i don’t remember his name anywhere on it. ???

never could sit through that crapfest but he’s the DEACON

Deacon: The Lord loves you, and the Lord loves you.

[to Nicky]

Deacon: You make the Lord very nervous.

Yeah. He basically did a cameo. So does this mean, in return, Sandler will be in Inglorious Bastards? :smiley:

I fucking hated little nickie. It rips balls, if you know what i mean. I like when Tarantino runs into the pole, cuz it’s in the comercial and i was having ice cream during the commercial, which made me hungry for running into poles. Definately rips balls.


THAT was QT? The blind guy with the neck brace who runs into the pole? “WE ALL GONNA DIE!” or something like that I’ve only seen that movie once, when it first came out.

Yeah that was Q.T. the Blind Preacher.

i didnt even know it was him til a friend told me.

I liked the film, and I have it on DVD. I would’ve never bought it if it wasn’t for QT, but in the end, its one hell of a funny film with lots of funny quotes and good music. and QT is making a total idiot of himself

I don’t remember much about this film. But from what I DO remember, I thought the “Scarface” spoof, the talking cat and the Ozzy cameo were actually quite funny.

The stoner dudes and Tarantino’s part were the only good things about that piece of shit.

That movie was shit the only thing that made me crack an inch of a smile was when the bikers hit the bus.

the movie was by far adams worst movie including mr. deeds

Tell me this is not the creppiest picture of QT.


Yeah he looks real weird and old. and i hate little nickey it was one of the worste movies ever.

Thats a horrible picture he looks like hes 80 years old,and Little Nicky sucked ass.

yeah… when the monkey thing started rubbing the guy with the boob on his head, that was it for me

[quote]i didnt even know it was him til a friend told me. [/quote]

same here. and from what i remember he didnt really act like QT. in his other movies QT acts like QT. but in this one he sounds different

Even the picture make me laugh.


I saw it, it is funny while it’s on but nothing too spectacular, more of an Ace Ventura crowd-pleaser movie than something more to Tarantino-product.

It was on tv tonight here in Holland, and I like the movie, great music (Ozzy, AC/DC), the two metalheads where funny as ‘hell’ ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), Ozzy’s performence was cool, the shit with Scarface was cool, the talking Bulldog was funny and QT was funny too.