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Listen to this: amy lee hartzler

Sally’s song from Nightmare Before X-Mas. This voice will melt your souls with euphoria!


She performed in Leno. Fucking perfect.

Amy! Amy! Amy!

Ahah, you have to support your own topic cause nobody posts in it. Sorry, I don’t like Ame Lee and never liked Evanescence. :-</E>

Who is Amy Lee Hartzler? Is that what people call “Music” these days. Heck I’m 20 and I know better than that. The Doors, that’s music. Don’t get me wrong, she has a voice, but come on, what is up with music these days? Music died in the 90’s. Metallica and Axl Rose is atleast bringing metal (for Metallica), and real rock (GNR) back each respectfully.

And Nightmare before X-mas, don’t know why that’s even cool with Goth kids, that movie was o.k. at best. Sorry Bio.

Oh, and by the way, Guns N’ Roses “Chinese Democracy” November 23rd. Axl Rose bringing rock back.

She’s not goth, whattya talking about, she lost her three year p;d sister from an illness years ago and that shaped her music. She’s not gothic or whatever you wanna call it, she’s a genuine singer, and Sally’s Song was awesome!

Cries…slams door

^ hey just messing with ya. You like what you like, I like what I like.


No, that’s crazy!

Ill strangle you with my 360 controller!

^ Lame, you have a cord on your 360 controller. I go cord-less, spend alot on batteries, but you pay to be cool.

Again, just messin’ with ya Bio. But not about the controller part. Man I get to get a cord one. lol.

I heard it gives you cancer. I mean just look at this video, my favorite Evanescence song…“Lithium” -

Sally’s song is great. All the songs from this movie are great. I totally love this movie and watch it every Christmas. But I have to agree with Grindhouse: The Doors, that’s music. I could listen only to them(and I did for a few years)

^ Awesome bro. Annie, what is your fav Doors album. Mine is L.A. Woman. Not to shabby considering the bands relations during that period. The Doors is my fav band, even got a tat of the bands name logo.

And Bio, does the cord-less ones cause the C word? Anyways she has a really great voice, but not my cup of tea. Heck I don’t even drink tea.