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Lines you ain't never gonna hear in Pulp Fiction

Fabienne: I wish I had a pot.

Butch: You wish you had some pot?

Fabienne: Oui, a biiiig bag of Maui Wowie.


Mia: I’ll have a Charles Manson Burger…and a 10 dollar shake.

Vincent: 10 dollar shake, You put bourbon in there?

Buddy: Yep, a shot per shake.

Vincent: Nice! I’ll have one of those too!


Jules: You ever read the bible Brett?

Brett: No, I’m Jewish.

Jules: You dont eat pork either?

Brett: Nope.

Jules: Myyy nigga!


Jules: Vincent? We ok?

Vincent stares into case.

Jules: Vincennnnt? We ok?

Vincent: Yeah, we ok…

(Cue “Bee Gees” music)

A disco ball slowly floats up out of the case and Vincent begins to dance like Tony Manero. Jules puts his gun away and starts doin MC Hammer moves.


…Marsellus waves to Butch letting him know its ok.

Zed: Ohhhh…my…dick.

Marsellus steps on Zeds crotch.


Marsellus flips open his cellphone and dials.

Marsellus: Yo man, I got a job for you, bring the crew.

TITLE CARD: 10 minutes and 37 seconds later…

We see a big pimpmobile drive up in front of the Pawn Shop and a man gets out:

Its DOLEMITE! (cue theme song)

A Sports car drives up, another black man gets out.

Its TRUCK TURNER! (cue his theme)

A woman in a convertible drives up and gets out.

Its FOXY BROWN! (cue her theme music)

The gang all walk into the pawn shop.

Marsellus meets them at the door.

Marsellus: We got ourselves a hillbilly boy downstairs…needs a little lesson taught to him.

The group walk down the stairs to see Zed in the backroom still on the floor shaking in a pool of blood. He looks like Mr Orange at the end of Reservoir Dogs…

The gang file into the backroom…as the door to the backroom slowly closes we hear Zed screaming his last scream as the sound of pipes crack skull and bone.


Vincent: LANCE! VINCENT! I’m in trouble man! I’m comin to your house!

Lance: Dont be bringing some fucked up poo-butt here, this is YOUR problem YOU deal with this!..are you on a cellular phone?..I’m hanging up, prank caller! prank caller!

Vincent crashes into Lances house…noone comes outside.

Vincent: LANCE! YOU IN THERE?!!!

Lance and Jodie have shut off all the lights and as they hide inside They look out through the blinds to see Vincent screaming and walking around in a panic. He slowly backs thar car up and leaves.

Lance: Whew! That was close.

Jodie: Let me get some fuckin sleep.

Lance: Ok honey.

He smokes some weed and watches the rest of The Three Stooges.


Hehehe good stuff ;D

Jules: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

Brett: What?

Jules: What country you from?

Brett: What?

Jules: What ain’t no country I ever heard of! They speak English in What?

Brett: What?


Brett: Yes!

Jules: Then you know what I’m saying!

Brett: Yes!

Jules: Describe what Marcellus Wallace looks like!

Brett: What, I-?

Jules: [pointing his gun] Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN. I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker. Say what one more goddamn time.

Brett: Let’s make love by the fire.

Jules: What?!

Jules (in a moment of quick realization): Oh SHIT…

*camera does a close-up as we see a look of surprise on his face


*Jules body topples over as we see Vincent standing over with a gun

Vince: Everybody’s gotta play by the same rules. It’s only fair.

*Bret finishes eating his big Kahuna Burger and watches Gilmore Girls

Pulp Fiction Running Time changes to 113 minutes.

4th Man: DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!! (shots go off and we see Vincent and Jules get shredded by gunfire).

The smoke clears.

4th Man: Whew! That was close.

He picks up the suitcase and runs out the door. He sees Vincent and Jules’ car and jumps in and takes off.

As hes driving down the street he turns on the radio and lip synchs to RuPaul’s “Supermodel”.

Fade To Black.


Mia snorts heroin and passes out.

Fade to Black.

Fade In.

Vincent: Damn girl? Who came in your mouth?!!


Jules:…Or it COULD mean that YOU’RE the shepherd and I’m the valley of darkness, and Mr 45 here is the grim reaper…Or it COULD mean -


Pumpkin’s starting to fall asleep.



Butch: Thats how you’re gonna beat em Butch. They keep underestimating ya.

(Butch tries to start the car but it won’t start).

Butch begins screaming all kinds of swears and punching the dash.


Fabienne at the diner with a whole table full of food. She tries some pie, slurps some coffee, eats some sausage. We CU on her mouth as its all greasy.


Butch kicking the car, making dents, he goes over and grabs a garbage can and smashes the windshield.


Fabienne pouring syrup all over her food, the pancakes, the bacon, the pie.


Butch getting tired and sits down on ground.


Fabienne is done eating, her table is a pile of plates with nothing on them. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve and belches so loud, the other diners stop eating and look at her.

Fabienne: Garcon! Check please!


Hahaha! Brilliant! ;D

This shit would have made Plump Fiction a far better movie. ;D

Plump Fiction 2 is officially in the making 8)

The Wolf [agent Cooper’s voice]: DAMN good coffee, Jimmy! (haha, notice the face expression when he tastes his “gourmet shit”, I LOVE THAT SCENE)

Is that the little thing he does where he looks at Jimmy and goes: MMM! That is great.

Is that the little thing he does where he looks at Jimmy and goes: MMM! That is great.

Yes, I love that bit too.

Real creative DV, you get a thumbs up from me. :smiley:
Hahahaahaha!! ;D Those are hilarious!!
They are awesome!

Loved that one!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Fabienne: Whose motorcycle is this?

Butch: It’s a chopper, baby!

Fabienne: I fuckin’ know that this is a chopper. I just wanted to be sure that you know!


Marsellus: …I’m sending the Wolf!

Jules: You sending the Wolf? You can’t, Jimmie got a wolf’s hair allergy.


Jimmie: Did you see a sign in front of my house that says “Dead Nigger Storage”?

Jules: Sure I did.

Jimmie: Jesus Christ, I never thought that Bonnie would realize my idea…


Butch: And a package of “Red Apple” cigarettes, please.

Paul/Dave: Sorry, I don’t know a brand called “Red Apple”.

Is that the little thing he does where he looks at Jimmy and goes: MMM! That is great.

Ah hell, right, he actually said it was great. But you could see he hates it, no doubt

No, he definitely likes it. That’s what makes the scene so funny.

A Glengarry reference here…

Captain Koons: You see this watch? This watch costs more than your car.

Young Butch: I don’t even have a car asshole.

Captain Koons: Asshole? Kid, this asshole was the one that protected your father’s watch from falling in the wrong hands!

Young Butch: You got that right. Asshole.

Butch: You lookin at somethin friend?

Vincent: Im not your friend palooka.

Butch: What was that?

Vincent: I think you heard me just fine punchy.

(We see a CU on Butchs ear, hes wearing a hearing aid)

Butch: What?

From Butchs POV We see Vincents mouth moving but we cant hear what hes saying. He then walks off to go talk to Marsellus.

Butch: A pack of Red Apples.

English Dave: We dont got anymore Red Apples, we got some Green ones though.

Butch: Ok, lemme try the Green Apples.

English Dave picks up a big bag of green apples and hands them to Butch.

Butch: Thanks, these will make a great pie.


Butch: Wheres my watch?

Fasbienne: It should be there.

Butch: It should be, but its not! Wheres my fuckin watch?!

Fabienne: Oh!..

(Fabienne bends over and we hear a funny pop noise)

Fabienne: It was up my ass the whole time!

Butch and Fabienne pause and look at each other then begin to laugh hysterically.


Marsellus: If Butch does to Indo-China I want a nigga hidin in a bowl of rice ready to pop a cap in his ass.

English Dave: Literally or…

Marsellus: Figuratively speakin motherfucka!..Damn.

English Dave: Ha Ha. I know, I was just playin’ dog.


Mia: Drinks! Music!

Vincent: I’m gonna take a piss.

Mia: Can I watch?

(Cue porn music)

Fade Out

Fade In

We see Mia’s mouth is full of white cream.

Vincent: Wow, this coconut cream pie is delicious!

Mia: Thanks! Marsellus made it!



Vincent in toilet stall reading Modesty Blaise. We hear a loud fart.

CUT BACK TO Diner Robbery in progress.

Honey Bunny: I gotta go pee!

Jules: Tell that bitch to chill!

Pumpkin: Chill out Honey Bunny!

Honey Bunny: I’m gonna crap my pants!

Jules opens case and we see a glow, he pulls out a pack of Depends and throws them to Yolanda.

Jules (looks at them both): I’m tryin reallll harrrd to be the shepherd.

Mia: Drinks! Music!

Vincent: I’m gonna take a piss.

Mia: Can I watch?

(Cue porn music)

Fade Out

Fade In

We see Mia’s mouth is full of white cream.

Vincent: Wow, this coconut cream pie is delicious!

Mia: Thanks! Marsellus made it!

Hahahahahaha, so great!

Mia Wallace: "Ketchup."

Vincent Vega: …I don’t get it.


Mia Wallace: I’m gonna go in the bathroom and powder my nose. Really. That’s all. For real. No drugs. Seriously.


Fabienne: Butch…Will you give me oral pleasure?

Butch Coolidge: Nah.

Butch as a child: " This watch smells like butt!“

Butch’s Mom: " Butch! Put that down, stop smelling it and go wash your hands now!”

A double negative. Tsk tsk.

JULES: You read the Bible, Brett? Well there’s this passage I got memorised, sort of fits the occasion. It says “Thou shalt not kill”. See you and good day.