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Lilja 4-Ever (Lukas Moodysson)


Lilja 4-Ever (aka Lilya 4-Ever) (Sweden - 2002)

Director: Lukas Moodysson

Cast: Oksana Akinshina, Artyom Bogucharsky, Pavel Ponomaryov, Tomas Neumann

This must be one of the most powerful and depressing movies I’ve ever seen. The film feels almost too real. You don’t feel like you’re watching a movie, it’s more like watching a documentary. There was one bad and overly dramatic scene at the beginning, but the rest was perfect. I was most impressed by the actors. 15 year old Oksana Akinshina is unbelievably good. I had previously seen her in The Bourne Supremacy. I loved her role in that film, but it was nothing compared to Lilja. I simply can’t say enough good things about her performance.

I thought this negative comment from actually describes this movie well:

“I usually hate when movies pity its characters, but I wish Swedish director Lucas Moodysson had shown at least pity; instead, he goes about destroying this young Russian girl with the grim, dispassionate determination of a medieval executioner.”

– Eugene Novikov, FILM BLATHER

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To be honest I could’nt watch this movie all the way through…I got to the bit where she’s going on about how the guy is taking her away, and he sais she has to go on before him, and guessing where that was about to leave I gave up. I mean talk about giving your lead character a miserable existence! I have to agree that the film was very 'real, and I think that was the problem that I had with it. …the depressing realness of what the lead character had to endure was very confronting. Nonetheless the performance by both her and the little kid were exceptional!




What language is this movie?





[quote=“Bad Max”]
r u sure?

I havent seen it but :stuck_out_tongue: maybe it is both russian and swedish… :stuck_out_tongue:


i remember watching a little of this and then changing the channel it wasnt bad or anything i just tend to do that ;D


What language is this movie?


90% Russian, 5% Swedish, 5% English


[quote=“Hung Fist”]
90% Russian, 5% Swedish, 5% English
Then I will see this and understand 10% and read the subtitels 90% of the movie :wink: