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Like a Dragon (Takashi Miike, 2007)

Website (with trailer) and review for Miike’s Ryu ga gotoku (2007) (Based on the video game ‘Yakuza’)

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Mark Schilling says “The narrative mix, including the escapades of a pair of feral teen lovers, is better blended than usual for Miike. The action is playfully extreme, the humor wryly black. Miike doesn’t subvert genre cliches so much as remix them to his own tastes, which tend to the gaudy, the hyperviolent – and the macho romantic.”

Pretty cool Ryu ga gotoku poster

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Pretty cool Ryu ga gotoku poster…

And now I have seen the film. My comments as follows

Like a Dragon (Ryu ga gotoku: gekijo-ban) – 3,5/5

Takashi Miike’s video game adaptation isn’t one of his best works but entertains thoroughly nevertheless. Miike sets up a sweaty summer night in Tokyo with a half dozen hot-headed participants on crash course. CGI is kept close to minimum and what there is doesn’t feel too distracting due to the video game origins. The obvious pg-12 requirements show although you have to remember it still allows a couple of hundred baseball bat headshots plus some stylish high bodycount gunplay. Visually the movie looks fantastic with bight colours and endless neon light glare. The cast features some great Miike regulars such as Sho Aikawa as well as many new faces, including the beautiful Saeko who nearly made me yell â€

sorry for the confusion, I extracted these posts from the general Miike topic as I think this movie deserved a topic of its own.

So, anyone played the game this movie is based on (Yakuza)? Went directly to my shopping list (although I nearly bought it a few times already).

When you least expected it…

… when the koreans have stopped including english subtitles on japanese movies…

… it states:

* Subtite: Korean and English


Good thing I never had money for the R2J. Now I need too finish the game before I rewatch the film.

Apparently there’s no subs after all, despite the package claiming so. Oh well, doesn’t bother me.