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LIFEFORCE - The most awesome movies ever: part 3


Lifeforce is a life-changing expierience and the sci-fi movie to end all sci-fi movies. Kubrick’s 2001 can suck it.

Once more I devoted several hours of my life to raise awareness of movies that are meant to be treasured forever by film fans around the globe.

Here’s my review:


OMG!!! ROFL!!! That was fanFUCKINGtastic, Kenneth!!! ;D ;D ;D Thank you so much. I really needed a good cheering up after the shite day I’ve had. Thank you thank you thank you, you brilliant man!


:slight_smile: Wow. Now that’s the kinda reaction that makes putting the time and effort into this video totally worth it.


part 3, yeah!!

u should do steven seagal next, though… i recommend the steven seagal acting guide on the DVD Trash blog for inspiration


hahaha tour de force is french for freakin’ awesome. haha you’re the man!


u should do steven seagal next, though

I might do just that, Seagal is almost as awesome as Chuck. 8)


I wonder who would win in a fight…


Depends on if there are weapons used, and if so, what kind.


Man, lol. Thanks for keep putting the effort into making these Kenneth, your a tour de force (freakin’ awesome) on these forums. I’d like to see different genres more, like you did with this one. But I have to say though, those Norris ones never get old.


when’s the next?

i totally need to watch this. the boobs sold this to me


when’s the next?

could take some time.


Yeah, can’t rush genius. Damn Sebby, you impatient basterd. ;D


that I am . that I am.

it’s too awesome the shit he’s doing. Can’t wait for Kenneth to “go Steven Seagal” :slight_smile: