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Lifeforce - by Tobe Hooper

At first, I was going to put this in the „Track your pictures“ thread, but this movie deserves it’s own thread, or a whole section of the forum, for that matter.

Lifeforce 10/10

This movie did for me what THE THING and ALIEN couldn’t. Both those were great movies, but Lifeforce wipes the floor with them in my book. I have never seen a better sci-fi movie in my entire life. And I don’t even like sci-fi.

Directed by Tobe Hooper, visual effects a plenty by John Dykstra (of Star Wars and Spider-Man fame)

It blends sci-fi with horror, adding vampirism and Zombie-like humans along the way. It has a fairly intelligent script, something that can’t be said about many Horror movies. But it’s 100% entertainment, without sublime political bullshit, hidden messages or agendas by the filmmakers. No, this film does what a movie should do - entertain.

For the special effects, they used puppets and real stuff, and it looks awesome. It looks better than that CGI crap that they feed us today. And Lifeforce was 1985, how sad is that?

On the down side, the main male character is an uncharming miscast. That’s all.

I have no idea where the people at IMDB are coming from, calling this movie ridiculous, and giving it a 5,7 average rating. I haven’t even lost a word about the french chick who runs around naked all the time.

In conclusion: THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME and I am dead serious, folks. It’s available on DVD from MGM, so there is no excuse for you not to buy this right now. It has the directors cut. I won’t spoil anything from the plot or reveal any further details, see it for yourself.

P.S.: Lifeforce just screams for a sequel, unfortunately it was a massive financial flop. Proving once more that idiot people and Average Joe moviegoer don’t deserve to watch movies this awesome (think Death Proof, which too was poorly recieved)

I’ve never heard of this film. Is it recent???

I’ve never heard of this film. Is it recent???

Lifeforce was 1985

I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Alien or The Thing (especially the The Thing) but I do really like this movie.


I only read the first couple paragraphs. lol

I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Alien or The Thing (especially the The Thing) but I do really like this movie.

It doesn’t set set the world on fire, movie-making wise, neither did it push any boundaries. It will never be mentioned in any film school. But it’s entertainment like it should be.

haha, I just found out that the man himself showed it at QT Fest Nr.5

Quentin’s taste is fabulous ;D

It’s good. Not as good as Terrore nello spazio (1965) that it’s based on.

Wanted to see this for a while, its actually available to watch online on netflix, so ill probably check it out seeing alot of people liked it…As for Terrore nello spazio aka planet of the vampires, thats a pretty popular bava movie.I really liked it when i seen it about a year ago.

i remember watching this movie when i was a younger, but only cause it had tits in it. Isnt that chick naked like the whole movie?

She sure is.