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Let's make some action movie titles

the best movie titles in the world are those of action movies. Invasion U.S.A., Today You Die, Hard to Kill, etc., etc.

so let’s make some fake ones ;D

Berserker for Justice

Death Force Commando

The Vigilante Brotherhood

Rampage for Justice

American Steel Warrior Brigade for Extreme Instant Justice

Day of Hardcore Reckoning

The Uproar of the Psychopathic Country Death Squad With Chainsaws

Die Today

Nuclear Holocaust - POW Horror

Get Beat The F*** Down

Foot N’ A**

Foot N’ A** Part 2

Foot N’ A** 3: The Other Foot

Hardcore Btch Smack

The Biggest, Baddest, Action Movie Ever, Mutha F

Duke Brew: Hard Man

Day of Armageddon: SMASH!

Smash Legion 2. Smash Faster

Steel Warrior: Warrior of Steel

BAD: The Man With a Gun

No-Face McCop: The Cop With No Face

Bad A.S.S. 2: Assasins Secret Society

Flying Ninjas 6: Crouching Japs

Charles Berserk: Bad Ass Motherfucker

Shotgun Man 3: Blow Some Shit up!


Kaa-Boom 2: Kaa-Boom harder

Live Now, Die Yesterday

Desarm The Fucking Bomb Now: Die Later

Kill Your Family 9: They Are Still Out To Get You

Mr. Nice Guy: Don’t Trust His Name

Revolver Hank: Western Sheriff

Rampage Sarah: Sexy and Deadly

World in Terror: Watch Out For ‘Gators

Zombie Brain Eaters: Cannibal Hunters

Johnny Hard-Chin: Lights Out

No Tubes: All Wire

Bobby Take-Cake

Hermia Popcorn: Cinema Avenger

Sliced Bread McRed: Cut Up

Threads: No Time To Die

Prison Smack: Shakin’ Bars

Grand Car Stealing: Fine and Dandy

Reservoir Dogs 2: Bark Hard

Reservoir Dogs 3: Reservoir HARDER

Bad Boys 3: In Space

Bad Boys 4: Back in Action on Earth and Feelin’ Motherfuckin’ Fine, Motherfucker.

Justice Guy: Watch Out

Cornhole Prison - Don’t Bend Over

Snake Pit: Rattle & Shake

Snake Pit 2: Hole in the Floor

Fire in the Hole: Criminal Day into Night

Apocalypse Now 2: The Vietcong Strike Back

Air Force 2: Not Quite 1

Two-Handed Police God

Rad and Cool Jackie Chan Cop Family Fun

Dragon Cage: Fight to the Death

Mortal Kombat 6: Kombat Mortal

SiKKK Shit: The KKK Konnektion

The Dehydration: Dry Shit

Jumping Bad Ass: Flying Through Bullets

Bullet Catcher: Eatible Womens Panties

Hard-Core: Not Porn

Action! 4: Action More

Action 5: Shooting Much?

Car Chase 2: Motorboat Edition

Car Flips 2: The Sequel

Car Flips 3: Flip Hard

Celluloid Killer 4: Kill Hollywood

Celluloid Killer 5: Killing Mickey Rooney

Celluloid Killer 6: Killing Again

Celluloid 7: Killing the Killer

Jesus H. Christ: Crucify This!

Jesus H. Christ 2: The Last Supper

Jesus H. Christ 3: The Good, The Bad & The Christ

Jesus H. Christ 4: Christ Harder

Jesus H. Christ 5: Back With a Vengeance

Jesus H. Christ 6: Sandals of War

Jesus H. Christ 7: Long Haired Yuppie Scum

Jesus H. Christ 8: Oh, God. Why Have You Forsaken Me!?

Beat Down: Beaten Up

McFreeze: McHard

Just Say No: Cocaine Addicts With Shootguns

Drunken Zu Warrior Masters With Guns on the Mountain of Magic Dragons of Death 2: Figthing Hard for My Fearless Ancestors and Pride.

Heroic Blood: Shoot to Kill

I Shoot, You Drive a 1970’s Badass Muscle Car

Loud Engine Noise: Sexy Chick Mechanics

Persian Gulf: We Like War

Rockets 3: Bomber-Man

Martin Luther King Jr: What If He Survived?

Kraut Fucks: World Dominators

Sieg Heil, Then Die

Sieg Heil 2: Revenge of the Jews

Hitler and the Third Reich: End of The World

The Sexy Prisoners of SS

War Movie: From the makers of EPIC MOVIE and SHITTY MOVIE 4: Shittiest

The Ultimate Competition: War

World War III: Styx and Stones

World War 8: Dick-Shaped Rockets

Ching Chong: Asian Action With Cheech and Chong Smoking Marijuana on Battlefield of Dreams

Iraque War: Foreign Battlefield

Puff the Magic Dragon Vs. Godzilla

Sexy Rape Victim 5: Fucking Fuckers

Rape Man 2: Keep Your Pants On

Black Ass: Bullet in the Head

Fight: Dead End

[quote=“Bad Max”]
Steel Warrior: Warrior of Steel

Shotgun Man 3: Blow Some Shit up!

Puff the Magic Dragon Vs. Godzilla

oh yeah :slight_smile:

[quote=“Bad Max”]
Rape Man 2

It’s spelled Rapeman 2, and it was made in 1994. I’ll be watching it soon. The original is pretty good.

^ That’s actually a title?

It should have been called “Rapeman 2 - Rape harder”

Might have been a bit misleading. At least the first one is a very easy going and even romantic super hero drama/comedy.

The Sick Bunch

Revange of the Chainsaw Gang

Once Upon A Time In The Ghetto


Bad Niggers On A Rampage

Die Painfully

Lethal Penis

Dumb Negros On A Mission

[quote=“Mr.Pink”]Bad Niggers On A Rampage

Die Painfully

Lethal Penis

Dumb Negros On A Mission[/quote]

good ones!

C’era Una Volta In Corea Comunista :laugh:

War Mouvie >:D

Killer Kelly 7: The Return of The Revange, with a Vengence

Vampire Vikings From Hell, Starring Alexander Skarsgård, Bill Nighy, Til Schweiger and Peter Stormare as Oden

Zombie Killers On Choppers

Oh Happy Day!

Apocalypse Now 3: The Beginning

Apocalysde Now 4: Good Morning Vietnam