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Les Filles du botaniste (The Chinese Botanist's Daughters)

“In eighties China, not all taboos were lifted. Min, a young orphan, sets off to study with a renowned botanist. A secretive man and authoritarian father, this teacher lives on an island transformed into a luxuriant garden. Obliged to share this solitary, withdrawn life, his daughter, An, is delighted by Win’s arrival on the island. The two girls quickly form a bond, only to see their friendship develop into a disturbing, sensual, and forbidden attraction. The idea of separation is impossible; Min and An soon concoct a dangerous arrangement that will allow them to continue to live under the same roof.”

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What’s a Chinese movie doing in European section? Well, despite the film taking place in China, featuring a Chinese cast, being directed by a Chinese director, and the spoken language being Chinese, this is in fact a French – Canadian production. Why so? I don’t know the official story, but I think it could be hard to find a studio to produce a film like this in Mainland China. [size=70](Johny, if you feel the topic is in the wrong section, feel free to move it)[/size]

Les Filles du botaniste is a new film from Dai Sijie, the director of Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. I haven’t seen any of his previous work, but this film looks sooo beautiful. Check out the trailer on the official site (videos --> bande annonce), it looks even better than those pics below.

Official site:

Recently I got to watch it on a big screen.

Beautiful, beautiful movie, and also quite erotic, but in a very honest and subtle way.

And the ending is tragic as hell. I thought there was more to come, actually, but then it ended rather suddenly with a twist I already anticipated from the very beginning. It’s a very straightforward story, but the beautiful images of rural Asia (Vietnam, I think), the great acting and the beautiful soundtrack more than once had me close to tears.

This is a serious question: Is she jerking him off in the first pic? She looks all excited and he looks very relaxed?

There’s no guy in the upper pictures.

Actually she’s explaining how to properly harvest Ginseng-roots from the ground.

No guy in any of the pictures.

And btw, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress is a charming little movie.