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Lawrence Bender in FDTD?

i was watching from dusk til dawn a lil’bit ago and when juliette lewis and harvey keitel were in the resturant,when she asked him if he still believed in god,if you look behind her when they show juliette i think i can see lawrence bender in the background eating

i know he was in reservoir dogs,does anybody know if that is actually him in FDTD?

i am 99.9% sure it is him, although he is not officially credited and dont have official info on that, but i’d say yeah thats him!

he also was in Pulp. he always inserts himself as one of those long haired yuppie freaks :wink:

I think he’s actually in Pulp Fiction twice. He lies on the floor in the hawthorne grill, and the trivia track said that he was zorro in Jack Rabbit slims.

Zorro never made it to the final cut, did he?

[quote]Zorro never made it to the final cut, did he?[/quote]

Yep, actually he did. Look out for him as Vincent and Mia are walking through the restaurant.

Who was he in Reservoir Dogs? And was he in Vol 1 KB?


[quote]Who was he in Reservoir Dogs? And was he in Vol 1 KB?


he was the first cop chasing mr pink and then shooting at him as he sped away

that was him, says so in the dvd commentary

He puked on Tim Roth in Four Rooms. And I think I saw him in the airport in KB1. Not sure though.

Its so funny in Pulp, when Tim Roth points the gun at him and goes “get down you yuppie, you fucking hairy yuppie, get the fuck down”, or smthing like that, but i laugh everytime i see it, just cause the term “hairy yuppie” is so funny.

“Long haired yuppie scum.”

No, thats what hes credited as, but in the movie, tim roth says “fucking hairy yuppie”, watch it, nigga.

I stands corrected.

Didn’t Lawrence Bender fall out with QT?

fall out?

[quote]Didn’t Lawrence Bender fall out with QT?[/quote]

He produced Kill Bill, so I should think not.

[quote]fall out?[/quote]

A good example of a fall out is Qt and Avary. They just stopped being friends/working together on positive terms.

I think.

I read in abook that they’re kind of pissed at each other. That was a while ago though…

Uhh, but LB is still producing Q’s movies… :-/ ::slight_smile: