Lauren Bacall meets Tarantino for a project

Lauren Bacall wrote on her Twitter (it’s not a joke, she seems adicted to that place and often posts stuff there) between July 29th and August 5th about a possible Tarantino project :

5:10 PM Jul 29th - Me and Mr. Tarantino working together with Miss Christina Ricci? It may happened

5:31 PM Jul 29th -I love Quentin’s Pulp Fiction, the film is a masterpiece and Ricci was amazing in Buffalo 66 so maybe I will take this role…just maybe

3:18 AM Aug 2nd - Other names attached to the Tarantino project: Dennis Hopper, Juliette Binoche and Christopher Walken.

3:24 AM Aug 2nd - I have never been offered to play a schitzophrenic Russian heroin addicted Kidnapper’s mother before. haha

3:49 AM Aug 5th - With a movie with Hopper and Walken you would think they would play the villians,but I would actually be villainess in the movie.

3:53 AM Aug 5th- The more I read the script the more I like it, and its not even half writen yet.I wonder what the jaw dropping shocking ending it will have.

I’m trying hard to write something instead of 10 exclamation points.

Fuck, Chris Walken with QT. Happiness.

That sure sounds very exciting. And Lauren Bacall has some sort of short script and knows some of the names involved in the project so far. Though I myself try not to be overexcited about it yet, since there’s no word from QT about it (and we know he has a big mouth) while he’s openly speaking about that spy movie, or that other biopic about slavery. So for now, let’s be cool my friend.

Maybe it is the spy movie. I’m just sayin’

Certainly sounds like a spy movie. The biopic on John Brown, he doesn’t want to do for another 14 years. He said it would maybe be the last film he makes. I have to say, I’m completely intrigued.

HOLY SHIT! What if it’s that trilogy of spy books he’s mentioned doing before!? Game Set Match. Whatever it may be, I love Lauren Bacall, so great. But this seems mighty fishy to me. Oh well.

HOLY SHIT AGAIN! I have yet to read any of the trilogy Game, Set, Match, after Berlin Game (hard to track down) but I did jump over to the wikipedia site to check out the plots and such for the last two books, since a russian kidnapper appears nowhere in the first. Anyway, in the plot for the second book Mexico Set, there’s an interesting bit about, well fuck it, here:

"The trouble begins in Mexico, where Samson is on the trail of his Soviet opposite number: Erich Stinnes, a KGB major whom London Central wishes to recruit, to enroll, to coax over to the West…

The task of laying the delicate and elaborate groundwork for Stinnes’ defection propels Samson from Mexico to London, to Paris, Berlin, and the East-West border. What happens along the way—a temporary abduction…"


Sounds interesting. I’ve never read the book so I couldn’t affirm it sounds like the spy trilogy. But you could be right.

the cast sounds amazing but i think i smell a rat…

Can we be 100% sure that it’s the real Lauren between that Twitter account? “When it sounds to good to be true, it probably ain’t” (I should get that quote right, I’m starting to use it quite a lot these days)

I don’ tknow how we can be 100% sure but that Twitter is often quoted on movie news websites or mags. So I guess that’s the real one.

Twitter looks like its genuine, unless some sicko (who also follows Tarantino’s work) is impersonating her with so much information. Casting her seems plausible since Quentin is on a '40s movies kick lately, not to mention Bacall worked with his favorite Howard Hawks on two of her best movies… Also, IB was shot in Berlin where a lot of that novel seemingly takes place so maybe he already made some preplanning or location search since he obviously loved working there.

Of course it could all probably be a hoax, but how cool would it be to team-up Hopper and Walken with Tarantino’s writing again?


“The traitor from London has flown to the East. It is Bernard Samson’s wife, Fiona. He is now a marked man. His children are under armed guard against abduction by the KGB. MI6 wants revenge. They see their chance when intriguing news comes from Mexico.”

[quote=“Dead Zed”]Of course it could all probably be a hoax, but how cool would it be to team-up Hopper and Walken with Tarantino’s writing again?[/quote]

It’s wet-dreams material cool.

Well, I’m thinking that next QT movie will be exciting, no matter what it is. But with those actors! Jesus Christ I can’t even start to imagine how I’d feel if QT makes it official.

Cpt tonyanthony mentioned in the other thread that he read these books so maybe he can disperse the rumours, though Bacall could be talking about some other movie of course…

what the hell…where did this come from? you guys think that its the spy movie huh? interesting…

Don’t get excited, really. I just posted this from Lauren Bacall Twitter but she never says it’s a spy movie project. Just speculations for now.

Yeah, I wouldn’t say we think it’s the spy movie, but more that we HOPE it’s the spy movie :smiley:

Actually it doesn’t really matter, it just makes the project more real or concrete if it’s the spy movie, but with those actors, I’d be excited if it was a Zac Effron biobic!

Unfortunately it looks like the Twitter is fake, there are some really weird people out there…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ight/27000”></LINK_TEXT>

[quote]“Yes I saw Twilight my granddaughter made me watch it, she said it was the greatest vampire film ever,” the fake Bacall Tweeted. “After the ‘film’ was over I wanted to smack her accros her head with my shoe, but I do not want a book called Grannie Dearest written on me when I die.”[/quote]

Shit! Made me laugh

Ah damned, well at least it gave us excitement for a while. And I did really read that Lauren Bacall twitter was real before I even started this topic. :-</E>