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Last Man Standing?

In QT Fest III did Quentin show the Bruce Wiliis Last Man Standing film? I’ve been trying to track down and watch all the QT Fest films he’s shown and couldn’t figure which Last Man Standing film he showed. There was no date next to it or who directed it on the site. On IMDB there’s two different Last Man Standing films in 1996 alone! So please if anybody out there knows for sure I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

I believe it was the Walter Hill one starring Bruce Willis.

there’s another one?

Yeah there’s another one in 1996 directed by joseph merhi…

but you said he showed the bruce willis one, so why would it be the joseph merhi one

I didn’t say he showed the Bruce Willis one…I ASKED if he showed the Bruce Willis one

I think he showed the Damian Lee-Film. It´s also called “Last Man Standing”. I have the german tape which is called Manfighter - Blutige Fäuste (1988)