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La Vie En Rose (La M么me)


Brilliant performance by Marion Cotillard, great music and interesting for someone like me, who didn鈥檛 know much about Edith Piaf before.

But I hated the editing, all the flashbacks. :-</E>

I鈥檓 French, and yet I don鈥檛 know shit about Piaf. Worth watching, you say?

I think if you鈥檙e French, you have to! Isn鈥檛 she one of France鈥檚 biggest stars ever?

well yeah I guess she was鈥ot really my generation :wink:

It also has Gerard Depardieu and Emmanuelle Seigner as supporting actors.

just for the sake of seeing Seigner鈥鈥檒l try to watch it!

:wink: She鈥檚 playing a whore.

In every movie I see her in, she鈥檚 having sex.

:wink: She鈥檚 playing a whore.
then I鈥檓 buying the collector edition right now! ;D

This movie is great especially on the big screen.

then if both of you guys say so鈥鈥檓 going home in a few days, I鈥檒l try to watch it.

wait, now that I think of it, my Mom told me in a letter a while ago that she liked it too鈥

Oh When i saw it I saw it with my mom, She gave it a 10/10. I give it 9/10

I watched this today. It is absolutely brilliant.

I just saw it for the first time a couple of days ago myself and thought it was really great. Marion Cotillard definitely deserved her oscar.

I鈥檝e had to order this on DVD. It鈥檚 such a good film. The build up to her song at the end was superb.