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La Haine (Kassovitz - 1995)

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Spit your thoughts about this movie. I personally loved it. The atmosphere is very cool. It feels like you 're hanging out with Saïd, Vinz and Hubert.

I loved the shots and especially the helicopter shot after the dj just set up his tables to amuse the neighbourhood 8)

The great strength of european cinema is depth and authenticity. I wish european cinema stayed closer to what they are great at.

What are your thoughts?

a big 8, 8.5 i’d say

"La Haine", the title says it all, it’s very recognisable at some points for me, i’ve been hanging out with guys like Saïd my entire life, the film is so excellent because of it simplicity, it reminds me of Mean Streets here and there, street kids, hanging out, having fun, it’s the best portrait of European cité life i’ve seen, it’s funny, it’s witty, it’s dramatic, it’s got alotta truth, just a very very fun film to watch

simplicity, thats the key, in music, in film, in everything, very very great

Jusqu’ici tout va bien

I just saw it two days ago for the first time, I thought it was great… One of the best films I’ve seen this year. I gave it a 9/10

Yeah, I found it great too. I watched it of course in german language. It was brilliant. But nevertheless there are hell lotta better movies, so 7/10.

Don’t you hate it that they dub everything in Germany? If I watch a movie I want it to be in its original language (but in this case with subtitles, of course).

No, not really. I like seeing it in my mother tongue at first which is german. So i can understand everything. i can watch while listening, which is better than “read a movie”. My wish is that every german DVD release must have the OV within it, so that i can watch movie afterwards with original language. But the producers probably don’t think so.

A bad example in Germany is “Killing Zoe”. Everything translated into german, english as well as french. This kills the atmosphere.