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Kurt n courtney in pulp fiction?

Courtney Love bullshit alert: in this weeks NME (Brit music mag) she claims kurt cobain and her were offered the roles of lance and his girl with all the piercings. She didnt say why they turned the roles down but that they were getting scripts all the time after ‘nevermind’ but were living in a shithole.

I dont think this is true because i remember in another music mag, i think around the time of Jackie Brown’s release, the interviewer asked quentin about kurt putting QT in his thank you notes on the sleeve for ‘in utero’, and quentin said kurt wanted to meet but that he was too busy at the time. then the interviewer suggested that this mightve been what pushed kurt over the edge and quentin just laughed and said ‘yeah, maybe!’ - so i dont think he was that big a fan.

though having said that, you could imagine someone from miramax asking kurt n courtney to do it, like how kevin smith had to go for a smaller budget because he refused to have david schwimmer and drew barrymore as miramax’ choice for the leads in ‘chasing amy’ (thank god!)

Well…I guess it is kind of ironic how Kurt and Courtney somehow resemble Lance and his girlfriend…

If it had been courtney, then Vincent Vega would have said “you mean the one with that shitty face?” instead of “you mean the one with all of that shit on her face?” ;D

I love kurt but I hate courtney. I think kurt would have been could have been good for the part but Im glad they used Eric Stoltz. RIP Kurt Cobain.

"Hey Kurt, get your head in front of the shotgun…come on kurt, let’s get the show on the road"

Courtney Love

Man I hate courtney love, you seen her legs they are full of holes.

Courtney Love is a hole. A #@%*-hole!

Courtney may be a bitch, but Hole was a helluva band. Live Through This is a masterpiece.

Kurt and Courtney would’ve been interesting casting. Not sure if Kurt could act well enough to pull off Lance, but Courtney is more than competent enough to have pulled off Jodie.

get your head in front of the shotgun kurt, in front of the shotgun!

(nearly 2 years later)

oh holy shit! i never knew he put Tarantino in the liner notes and i’m both a huge fan of Tarantino (my favorite director) and Nirvana (2nd favorite band, after Led Zeppelin)!

yeah Eric Stoltz did a tremendous job but i think Kurt would’ve been great too.

I can’t see Tarantino ever using Nirvana music in his movies. It just doesn’t fit well with his style. He tends to take more obscure tracks from obscure movie soundtracks. If anything it would probably have to be some of Nirvana’s earlier stuff, pre-Nevermind. I can see some really gruesome scene using some song off of Bleach (maybe “Floyd the Barber”).

does anyone know if there’s any lyrical reference to Tarantino in “In Utero”?

I’m an huge Nirvana fan but I doubt Tarantino will ever use their music, maybe something bleach.

I dont think there was a reference in “In Utero”

I find the Pulp Cast That Could Have Been rumors fascinating. Like how the studio wanted someone like Johnny Depp to play Pumpkin, or Daniel Day-Lewis lobbying to play Vincent, Paul Calderon almost stealing Jules from Sam Jackson, Pam Grier auditioning for Jody, Kurt and Courtney being considered, Steve Buscemi having to turn down playing Jimmy, etc etc etc, with all this it’s surprising how amazing the final cast was.