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Knb special effects

Greg Nicotero of KNB Special Effects was just on the Sharon Osborne halloween show explaining the death scene make-up for O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) and showing a life size O-Ren with the top of her head cut off. Catch the show today if you can! Quentin Tarantino will be a guest on Osborne’s show this coming Monday (11-3-03).

Ill chekc out the Sharon Osbourn show on Monday with Q.

She’s funny.


What station is that on?  Sorry, I’m not a regular viewer of the Sharon Osbourne show :frowning:

We get it in the boston area on WB-56. It’s in syndication so you may have to look it up in your local guide. It should be interesting.

Whats gonna be so interesting? Its gonna be Sharon and Tarantino spouting “fuck” every 2 seconds ! :wink:

I think that would be the WB for us. unless something fucked up. AAAAAAAAAAAAA