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Kinji Fukasaku

For those who don’t know Fukasaku,He is the poet behind such gangster classics as Battles Without Honor of Humanity,Street Mobster,and Graveyard of Honor. His last movies were Battle Royale(Bexi hates it,Why I love it so much more. ;D) and Battle Royale 2(with his son)

I have seen:

Battle Royale

Battle Royale 2

Battles without honor and humanity

Street Mobster

Graveyard of Honor

I love them all. One of the best ending is the end of street mobster is like a Sergio Leone showdown.

I have a shit load more.

I’ve only seen battle Royale so far - I liked it very much. Battles Without Honor and Humanity and Tora! Tora! Tora! looks quite interesting. I think I’ll pass on Battle Royale 2 though.

Battle Royale, classic

I’m gonna try to go through the rest of Yakuza Papers this weekend. I’ve only seen the first one, Battles/Humanity (Didn’t really like it) but now I’m open for the rest of them.

Watched Sympathy for the Underdog last night which I thought was pretty awesome. Still gotta finish Yakuza Graveyard one of these days.

Battle Royale and Graveyard of Honor are classics to me.