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King Pulp: The Wild World of Quentin Tarantino [Paul A. Woods]

Don’t confuse the author with Paul Woods, who wrote another book about QT

Who has read this book? Who owns it? Who likes it? Who hates it? Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

Check the official link out, here:

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I went to my library to borrow it but I think that it has been stolen :frowning: That sucks

kill the motherfucker :slight_smile:

If I just knew who it was… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if i remember correctly, there is an original and a revised edition of this. anyway, the original edition had a lt of film talk in it. it analysed quentin’s films and talked about the films that quentin liked and paid homage to in his own films.

i would say this is strictly for film fans.