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Killshot (2006, pending release) - Lane, Rourke, Dawson


QT Is Finally Doing KILLSHOT?!

Hi, everyone. “Moriarty” here with some Rumblings From The Lab…

That’s what this guy claims:

Robert Kelley here, the guy that wrote you from Cannes.

I just thought I would let you know that I found out at Cannes that one of Quentin Tarintino’s next projects will be Killshot, the Elmore Leonard novel. He said he is not directing it but is writing it and is going to act in it alongside David Carradine. My guess is that someone like Rodriguez will direct it. This was confirmed by Quentin, Lawrence Bender and David Carradine. I also got confirmed by Bender that they have given up the rights to Freaky Deaky and Bandits, two other Leonard projects they acquired with Killshot and Rum Punch(Jackie Brown) back in '95.

Hmmmm… the idea of QT handing this off to someone else to direct with him and Carradine starring… I don’t know what I think of that. He’s had these rights for a lot of years, so if he’s going to finally get off his butt and do something with them, I’m excited. And anything that gives Carradine another great role in the wake of KILL BILL is okay by me.

“Moriarty” out.


ughh Tarantino not directing? whats that about, i liked how From Dusk Till Dawn turned out but i want this guy to build his library already. and we get to see Q act more…

that Killshot thing was a rumor that goes back to 1995 or so, I am glad to see this going into production.

[quote]He said he is not directing it but is writing it and is going to act in it alongside David Carradine. [/quote]


Who the fuck cares if he's not directing....if he's [b]writing[/b] and [b]acting[/b] in it, that's just as good! Holy shit, this is gonna be [insert african-american slang here]!!

finger-licking good!  :smiley:

That’s kinda cool that he’s writing and uh cough [size=1]acting[/size] but it would be so much sweeter if he was actually directing. I mean, he’s directed episodes of ER and Alias, and nobody ever went really apeshit over that.

Very cool - making up for what those morons did with BIG BOUNCE - finally being able to bring a great Leonard book to the screen with style.

Looking forward to this as much as Tishomingo Blues if that ever gets off the ground

Hmm, Carradine, eh? I assume he’d play the Blackbird character in the book, and QT would be Richie Nix. Whenever I read the book, this was the cast I had in mind;

Blackbird: Jimmy Smits

Richie Nix: Sean Patrick Flannery

The Colsons: Lance Henriksen and Goldie Hawn

The Policeman (forgot name): some good lookin, southern guy

I imagine Tony Scott would like to direct it.

For people who haven´t heard about Killshot, here are some info about the book form Leonard, I copied it from this site: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … DBCe8QSJOW”></LINK_TEXT>.

Elmore Leonard strikes again with Killshot. Killshot, one of Leonard’s best books, greatly emphasizes Leonard’s outstanding writing talent. The story is of a hitman named Armand Degas, aka Blackbird. Armand has a chance encounter with an ex-con named Richie Nix, when Nix hijacks Armand’s car. The two become partners, although Armand is clearly the leader. While on a job in Michigan, the duo encounters Wayne Colson and his wife Carmen, witnesses to the crime. Armand and Richie need to eliminate these witnesses.

The chase that follows is one of the most suspensful and exciting sequences of events that I have ever read in any book, ending in an awe-inspiring climax that will leave you with sweaty palms and a pounding heart. Leonard capitalizes on his outstanding characterization in Killshot, making it seem like you have known Armand Degas since you were in second grade. Leonard does a superb job of painting the picture of a criminal’s life, making Killshot a hard book to put down.

Killshot is one of the most well written books that I have ever read, one of Leonard’s best (not an easy thing to be!) This book proves that Elmore Leonard is indeed the undisputed king of crime writing.

Yeh it would have been much better if Tarantino directed it and i hope his acting skils have improved so where does this fit in? I mean there is Sin City, Inglorious Bastards and Hell Ride!!

I think it would be great if they did Kill Shot with David Carradine and Tarantino. It would be a lot better if Tarantino directed it. I hope that Robert Rodriguez isn’t the director for it. None of his movies are anything to be excited about.

I think Rodriguez is fine. I love his directing style. OUATIM, Desperado, and FDTD were all well-directed movies. And with Quentin writing and acting, there’s no way this movie will be less than fucktastic.

Yeah RR might surprise people with SIN CITY or maybe not - I’d rather see a new director take a shot at this honestly.

I want to see Tarantino direct more. This is more of a disappointment than anything now, because it means that just more time that Tarantino won’t be working on a movie of his own. It looks like we’re in for another 7+ years of nothing.

he’s workin on a movie already, and it’s a two/three part movie, shit man, isnt that enough? It’s kinda hard to direct four movies at once. Plus add the factor that he’s a lazy bakehead.

[quote]he’s workin on a movie already, and it’s a two/three part movie, shit man, isnt that enough? It’s kinda hard to direct four movies at once. Plus add the factor that he’s a lazy bakehead.[/quote]

The point is, who is gonna get precedence here? Given Tarantino’s track record, he is probably going to put both the Biker film and Killshot AHEAD of the films he’ll be directing. Not to mention Sin City for which he is guest directing. This could very well translate into over a year in which he’ll just be shooting around doing everything but directing another movie all his own. And not to mention that a project like Inglorious Bastards will probably take a minimum of two or three years just to pull everything together and get things running smoothly on top of it.

Kill Bill took however many years to make, and that was just one three hour movie. Don’t forget that IB his Tarantino’s “War Epic” and might even be 2 or 3 movies alltogether( ::slight_smile:). We’re not sure if Tarantino has even started casting or any of that shit

And don’t forget, he’s a lazy bakehead.

Then how is acting in two other movies going to improve his already lazy pace?

Actually Kill Bill took 156 days to be made. The rest of the time QT spent getting laid, smoking pot and enjoying life; with an additional 9 months spent in waiting due to Uma’s pregnancy. I don’t really mind the fact that QT takes a bit of time in releasing his movies, as long as the gap is not 5 years or longer. QT himself admitted in an interview that he is not like directors such as Woody Allen, who comes out with a film almost once a year. He likes to devote some time just watching movies rather than just making them. This proves that he is defintely no sell-out, and he will make a movie only when he really has his heart in it. Personally, I think that a 2 1/2 - 3 year gap between his movies (similar to the Pulp-Jackie Brown gap) would be ideal.

Didn’t he say that he wasn’t like directors such as Miike, not Allen? I could have sworn I read that somewhere. And even if Tarantino doesn’t hit the bong or go looking for pussy all the time, IB will most likely take years to film anyway because of its length. So any projects right now will slow down an already lagging pace.

If it takes him 6 years to make a film that he will write and direct, and it is as brilliant and re-watchable as Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill: Volume 1, I have no fucking complaints.

You would be lucky to be able to see it in 6 years. I’d say 10 years at least, considering his other projects and how long the film(s) will be.