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KILLER CROW: A 2nd War film for QT?


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Being a huge fan Id go see anything he makes BUT I dont think I’d prefer to get another film about racism or war as his next project. I’d much rather him do another “Movie Movie” like Kill Bill where he goes further into fantasy or even his 30s Gangster film.


I was just about to make a topic about this. Yeah I don’t know about having another IB. But what if this does become a trilogy of historical Tarantino movies? What other time would be good for a Tarantino movie? There’s no real equivalents to Nazi Germany and Pre-Civil War Slavery.


If QT was going to do another Revisionist story about racism etc I think Native Americans would be great. He could even call it Killer Crow (Crow Indians) and make it about Indians fighting soldiers.

I think hes made his great Black revenge film with Django and after the Basterds kill Hitler and scalp 100s of Nazis, why go back and cover that terrain again?

Just my two cents.


Natives seem like a solid choice but maybe with them going up against the conquistadors in the South Americas…it could be cool to see Tarantino go Last of The Mohicans or 1492 with his final revisionist flick…I like the idea of another WWII focusing those soliders but it’s a genre we’ve seen him tackle… he needs to make a swashbuckling native revenge film or a straight up Japanese samurai flick (combing factual events)… his 30s era gangster flick is still a strong contender considering his love for Boardwalk Empire and Once Upon A Time In America…even a Spanish Inquisition movie could be interesting Captain Alatriste is undiscovered gem…

Captain Alatriste Trailer

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I made a poster for KILLER CROW the other day…