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yep, should be kick-ass

Yes…yes it would. Further reason to see this movie!

I hope the trailer rocks. I have to admit though, I was kind’ve disappointed in the volume 1 trailer, it was kind’ve misleading.

I have do have great expectations to the volume 2 trailer, however. Hopefully they will show more footage of Pei Mai, Elle verse The Bride.

im hoping it’s more like the bootleg volume 1 trailer. that was just brilliant. either way it should promote much kick assness

wow, so Lord of the Rings it is then, eh?

I can’t wait to see it

Aw man, I’m still catchin’ Volume 1 at the theater and meanwhile the trailer for the second volume is soon comin’ out. These are the best 6 months ever for any QT fan. Life feels good! :slight_smile:

I dont care about LOTR, I just wanna see the Vol 2 Trailer!!! :o :o :o :o 8)

i know eh? im still debating whether or not its worth it. well, of course it’s worth it. its just unfortunate that it had to premiere alongside a 3 1/2 hour movie. my sister and her cute friend were planning on going anyway, and i mentioned that the KB2 trailer would show up and now she’s definately going. well… i guess there are worse things in life. it could have premiered along with gigli!

I love Lord of the Rings, so I will see it regardless of the Kill Bill trailer being attached to it or not.

Should be an interesting trailer, I don’t understand why it would be attached to LOTR as WB and Disney have been at each others throats since the release of The Pirates Of The Carribean, so why would WB host the trailer for a film financed by Disney (Miramax)

I hope the Volume 2 trailer is like the very first teaser, w/ cool-ass music playin in the background and a collection of action scenes. The teaser is still my favorite trailer because of the anticipation it brought on and it didnt show 2 much. I remember when i was in the theater and i saw the words “The 4th Film”, immediately i knew it was Kill Bill-i was like oh shit and i got fuckin chills down my spine

[quote]I hope the Volume 2 trailer is like the very first teaser, w/ cool-ass music playin in the background and a collection of action scenes.[/quote]

I wouldn’t be surprised if they go on a different route with the next trailer. First off, there has to be some connection from the last movie to remind everyone what the storyline is (The beginning of Bootleg Trailer #1 handles this perfectly) and all that fight-action that was seen in the original teaser turned out to be misleading for a lot of people. Believe me. I don’t remember how many message boards and forums I looked at, but a lot of responses were that “It looks like another Charlie’s Angels”…I sure hoped that those guys ended up going to see the movie.

There will be action in the Vol. 2 trailer no doubt, but Miramax should be careful about the advertising cuz there’s a lot of newly KILL BILL fans out there who aren’t aware that there isn’t gonna be another battle that resembles the Showdown/Blue Leaves. And if VOL 2 was never in the can, then I’d assure you that the studio would scramble to make a sequence that could rival that fight. That’s show biz for ya.

But since Miramax and company are so pleased with what they got going for VOL 2, then maybe they know something that we dont. Wouldnt that be nice?

They should do something different this time, because the volume 1 trailer didn’t do too well with the crowd. Average-joe dickwads thought this was just a Charlie’s Angel’s ripoff when a lot of them saw the trailer. Mirimax should take a different route to get some people to catch the movie. But then again, those who didn’t see the first one aren’t gonna see the second one either.

Despit my last post, I DO want to add that Kill Bill did pretty damn well at the box office, and I expect vol. 2 to do even better, especially since vol. 1 will be on dvd for the renting audience

Do you think the “Vol.2” trailer will surface on the internet around the same time ROTK is released?

[quote]Do you think the “Vol.2” trailer will surface on the internet around the same time ROTK is released?[/quote]


And when the first trailer does hit the net, it BETTER be a Quicktime version. Because Yahoo’s realplayer-trailer quality sucks ass. Anyone remember the Vol 1 trailer which turned out to be a slideshow?

yahoo can kiss my fucking ass. those SOBS with their crappy REAL1 and WMV trailers.

Qucktime all the way!

supposedly the Spiderman 2 trailer shall run with ROTK as well.

Riddick? Oh man i smell the suck of that movie already

The main difference between the Vol.1 and Vol2. trailer will probably be that Bill will have some talking lines and a major presence in the 2nd trailer. Maybe they’ll also show him playing the flute. 8). Plus I predict there will be other kick-ass shots of Pai Mei.

even more reason to see RotK even though i am going opening day.

New Line is part of Werner Bros?