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Kill Bill Vol. 3 Script Essay/Ideas

Among the projects about that QT talk about; i think that the highest possibility of see one of those realised belongs to Kill Bill Vol. 3 and i dream about how volume 3 can be… I’ve just an idea for possible beginning of the movie that i imagine and i want to share this. May be there are others having the scenarios imagined for Volume 3; so we can write here these essays/ideas and talk about these ideas. Here is mine:

We’re in a school bus moving in a good district on a sunny day, there are children in it and we see environment from the eyes of a person who is sitting at the behind of the bus, near window (viewing from the eyes of a person is like in the begining scene of Halloween where little michael catches her sister). This person looks out, looks over; from the person’s view we see the children talking while the person being our eyes doesn’t talk and we see an ice cream truck and hear its bells for an instant. Bus keeps going and then stops.

“Our eyes” stands up, moves toward the door for getting out and starts to walking to a house. We see at the right corner of the frame pussy wagon’s behind for a very short time. “Our eyes” opens the door of the house and first time says something: “mommy i’m home”. Until this time from the beginning this is a long one shot from the eyes of the person and with this first talk we see “our eyes” first time (use of footage in KB vol.1). She is little Nikki!

We see same conversations which are in KB vol.1 with the help of the footage of this film and some new ones. After her mommy sent her to her room, we start to see the film from Nikki’s eyes for a second time. She goes up to her room, she spent some time in her room and look out from the window of her room and sees the pussy wagon and a ice cream truck hearing its bell a second time. She is looking for something, and we got that she is looking for some money from the fact that she found some. Probably for icecream but may be she needs more and she wants to ask her mother for money and starts to go down. Then she heard a bullet fired, and goes down to the kitchen (This from her eyes also is one long shot. When she gets close to kitchen, this scene is just like the scene of the Once Upon a Time In The West in which little boy comes out and sees his family has been massacred).

She sees Bride and her mother killed by Bride. Using some footage from KB vol.1 we see the same conversation. After; we see Bride getting out house from the kitchen and last time from Nikki’s eye we see Bride. Then we start to move with Bride, she gets in Pussy Wagon and goes. Camera stays while Bride goes; we see her Wagon moving away. After a few second, we for a third time hear ice cream truck bells and the truck enters into the frame of stable camera. We see the truck going on the direction of Bride. So the missing chapter of Kill Bill original script, Yuki’s Revenge starts…

I think that using the view of Nikki allows to make some scenes happening this day without having necessary footage of the little actress and also gives a ambiance of Horror movies (reason of becoming killer is seen from the post-killer eyes). Besides i always want to see Yuki’s revenge chapter and this kind of beginning allows to show some scenes from different point of view and the missing part of these happenings like in Jackie Brown and Pulp fiction. Finally we know that KB vol.3 will be about Nikki, so this beginning gives the clue for this purpose also.

The Halloween shot is called a P.O.V. shot, for your future reference.

The Halloween shot is called a P.O.V. shot, for your future reference.

Thanks for this… I’ve learned now this term…