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Kill Bill Vol. 2 Question

How did Bill get the black eye, when he was comming down the stairs to see kiddo at Pai Mai’s place. also this is somen that just bothers me, why would they cut out the the fight scene wit bill and Mike J. White, it could have esaly been in the place of the scene wit budd and his boss, or he Bride and the mexican, they were good acting scenes but weak story wise showing bills power would have been sweet. I am not saying i didnt like the movie, i thought they were both really great, but that maid me mad, and they are still showing the scene wit bill throwing the kuni from his sword the the asian guys face. But hey what u gonna do. One Last question. When will they release kill bill vol 1 wit the color blue lotus fight scene, and do u think they will put bills fight scene on the vol 2 dvd

Okay, why do you ask questions like “how did he get the black eye” or whatever? It’s just assumed that Pai Mei kicked his ass, not to mention he says there was a friendly encounter or something like that. Not everything has to be shown. Plus, it just gives us the impression, even before we see Pai Mei that he’s a bad ass, as he totally kicked Bill’s ass. Secondly, I’d rather have the scene at Budd’s work than the MJW fight. I mean, I’m sure it was cool, but obviously it was the weakest of them, plus Budd’s boss is just hilarious… as for the MJW fight scene being on the Vol 2 dvd, don’t count on it. At least not until they’re both editted together, or Tarantino decides to wait 5 years (like with Jackie Brown) and come out with a Collector’s Edition Vol 1 and Vol 2.

yuh pai mei wuped him up

[quote]yuh pai mei wuped him up[/quote]

I give you the Best Post of the Day award. :smiley:


I give you the Best Post of the Day award.  :smiley:[/quote]


haha everytime i dig up old topics, i always come across funny stuff. this is funny stuff