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Kill Bill Vol.1 DVD No.1 on Best Selling DVDs

check it out on and!!!

BTW its higher than Matrix Revolutions! Haha

giggidy giggidy giggidy!


But I thought you meant of all time, though.

So many people with a good taste in movies? Yes!

That´s real cool.

This promises well for next Friday’s theatrical release of Vol. 2.

Hopefully this fuckin dvd won’t be sold out when I go to Best Buy today.

Yeah, Im going to Best Buy at noon. I cant wait to watch it again…and again and again and again… ;D

I’ve already watched it 4 times in 4 days. I’m so sad.

OH FUCK! My american mailorder didn’t sent the DVD yet! WHAT THE HELL? That means that I get my DVD on Thursday, or even Friday :frowning: . Oh man, thats bullshit. Thats really sad :frowning: . I WANT TO SEE THIS FILM NOW AGAIN AND AGAIN ON DVD!!!

hey Buono, Best Buy had a shit load so doubtful it’ll be sold out.

You can get Resivoir Dogs and Kill Bill Vol. 1 for $20 at my BestBuy on Friday.

I’m going to get mine at noon, also. giggidy giggidy giggidy!

See, it just isnt a minority of Kill Bill fans, it IS critically acclaimed. aherm, matrixfan.

I picked up my copy at the Wal-Mart at the midnight release and to my surprise there was about 50 people waiting there for it also.

tell me this, if i buy the japanese version, will I have to watch it in japanese lanuage?? or can i watch it in english? ???

At Best Buy today, there was a line a mile long at each checkout kiosk. Everybody had a Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD in their hands too.

That’s fucking awesome. I bought mine. Now I’m stuck at work chomping at the bit for four more hours when I get to watch it.

i got my copy today but there sure as hell wasnt a line of people buying it. as far as kill bill being the best seller right now, not to cut it down or anything, there really isnt anything else worht noting being released i dont think. as a matter of fact i dont think anything good has come out on dvd for the past few weeks. once again, im not trying to cut down the sales of kill bill

[quote]At Best Buy today, there was a line a mile long at each checkout kiosk.  Everybody had a Kill Bill Vol. 1 DVD in their hands too.[/quote]

Haha yup. I was at BestBuy today buyin the vol.2 soundtrack and vol.1 dvd and the line up was fuckn ridiculous. Then I noticed that practically everyone in the line had a Kill Bill DVD or soundtrack.

There was a sweet ass display of Tarantino shit there.