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KILL BILL trailer

Is anyone besides myself going to try as hard as they can to avoid seeing any KILL BILL trailers until they see the movie?

I think the expiriance will be alot cooler to go in fresh not knowing how anything will look. It will be hard though, I see movies all the time so I guess I’ll like have close my eyes and plug my ears or something.

Anyone with me on this?

I am 100%.

I will definately read the script obviously since it will arrive soon BUT what i definately do not want to be spoiled for my expiriance will be the HOW of the words and action in the script. THat is HOW QT delivers. I dont like trailers anyway coz usually they spoil too much or everything (What Lies Beneath anyone?)


Ya, lke every trailer nowadays reveals the entire movie. I think movies would be so much cooler if you didn’t know the MAIN plot twist before you see the movie. Like how cool would Minority Report have been if you didn’t know Tom Cruise was getting set up.

Not just Monority Report though, they ruin EVERY movie. Who makes those damn things?

Ive seen all of QTS movie trailers and none of them reveal much. Unless you see the movies you wont know whats going on from the trailers. In Kill Bill, he’ll probably show a few quick clips from the fight scenes and some close ups of the stars. Thats it.

Yeah, and even if the trailer does reveal more than that…just think of how it’ll be when you see the whole motherfucker from beginning to end on opening day ! You’ll probably be blown away either way 8)

That’s true but I think it would be even sweeter to go in fresh. I guess it’s just me.

[color=Green]As much as i say that i dont want to see the trailer ill probably end up seeing it coz i wouldnt be able to resist. Hopefully its like Vic says, just a few fighting shots and a few close ups of the actors.


Let me get this straight. You wanna read the whole script…but avoid the trailer so it doesn’t ruin anything?

Didn’t the FDTD trailer reveal the vampires? How cool would it have been if you saw that movie and had no idea there were gonna be vampires? Then half way thru, you’d be blown away!

Well I already know most of the plot points so reading the script won’t ruin any of the story. And it would be awsome to be able to read it.

But seeing something in your mind and acutaly seeing it on the big screen are two very diferant things.

yeah i was one of those ppl that never saw the trailer for FDTD and was actually blown away when the vampires started appearing and shit.

But if i read the script i would know there were vampires so it wouldnt make a differnce.

With Kill Bill i am excited how QT is gonna visualise it and therefore i will try really hard not to watch any trailers.


I didn’t like FDTD. The first half was good but the whole vampire part was just too corny. I know it was meant to be that way, it’s not my cup of tea is all.

I was very aware of the vampires in FDTD (I don’t really get how you could miss it, I mean, the poster’s got bats on it and shit :wink:), and I don’t feel that has robbed me of any film pleasure. On the contrary, I know several people who didn’t know in advance and didn’t really enjoy the movie the first time around because they felt the vampire bit was totally inappropriate after seeing the first part of the movie - while I just knew I was seeing a QT vampire flick when I walked in. And I could just sit in my seat and gloat at all the young couples who didn’t know what they were gonna see and were gonna run out in disgust soon. I kid you not, never have i had as much fun in a theatre than on that day (well, except for my first viewing of The Big Lebowski, perhaps, during which I was constantly in hysterics :smiley:) - I was just laughing it up at all the vampirekilling jokes with one half of the audience and enjoying seeing the other half being disgusted and shocked. It was so cool :slight_smile:

Well ofcourse it was unavoidable to go into fdtd not knowing there were vampires, but I’m just saying it would’ve been so cool. But once again, I fucked it up cause I read the script before I even saw the movie. The FDTD script was even available in book stores before the movie came out.

Another movie I wish I knew nothing about was T2. Imagine how awesome it must’ve been if you’re watching T2 for the first time not knowing that Arnold is a good guy, then that first scene in the mall corridor between the two terminators…and Arnold says “Get Down.” Aw man, that would’ve been great.

I’m not gonna avoid seeing the trailer. Actually, the trailer will be made for people to see…we shouldn’t have read the script but atleast the trailer will already be made for us to see.

I was actually thinking about getting an assistant editing job on Kill Bill so I can watch the dailies and even ruin the movie for me more.

I just can’t wait till Kill Bill…thats all. It might be a bit longer before my chapter 4 review so if anyone wants to beat me to it, go ahead. I just got to many things to do here and my trip out west has been delayed until this Sunday so…yeah

well i think reading the script spoils you in terms of plot and action and dialogues. but a long trailer spoils you extremely in visuals and acting and all.

i wish the trailer will be some kind of like the trailer for T3, hehe just a logo or something. or just a V.O. and the Bride driving her VW Kharman Gia into the dusk… and music. a spoiler-free trailer so to say…

i am on page 192 by the way… retyping the bastard :wink:

Good going, Seb, you’re almost there ;D I don’t know how you’re gonna handle it when you’re finished but I do know I can’t wait for it, whatever it is :wink:

Well I was in Suncoast today and the tv was playing a preview for the Jackie Brown dvd. They had the moment where Louis tells Ordell that he shot her. This is like giving away the biggest surprise in the film for those who haven’t seen it yet and yes, there will be many that will see Jackie Brown for the first time once it hits DVD.

btw, I’m gonna go see The Bride’s husband today signing his new book, Ash Wednesday over at Navy Pier in Chicago. Not Arthur Plympton, I’m talking about Ethan Hawke. I wonder if it’d be appropriate if I were to ask him to sign my copy of Kill Bill?

What would be the point asking Ethan Hawke to sign the script. The only connection is that he is Uma’s husband. Which doesnt really mean anything to the film or script or whatever.

Were you joking?


When do yall expect the first trailer to come out? I mean the Hulk teaser came out a year before the movie is scheduled to appear.

Would yall like to see a teaser trailer where you see a quick snap of the bride slicing some one up, then ending it with that pose like on the picture from the NY article. Or would that be totally fucken torture?

that would be torture. I wanna see a trailer after New Year, maybe some weeks before Cannes.

The trailer shouldn’t reveal anything, just some dialogues, some shots, and some fighting, a very short teaser. that would be good. But the trailer has to be something epic too, you know. Its one of the greatest movies of all time, it deserves a trailer which is good as hell.

I loved the Reservoir Dogs trailer because it was so well cut.

I think Quentin himself is gonna make the trailer

I didn’t know about the Vampires in FDTD. It was totally unexpected. The moment when they arrived was maybe the craziest moment I’ve ever experienced watching a movie. Just a complete, “what the fuck?!”