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KILL BILL: The Whole Bloody Affair (99.9% Complete Soundtrack) LINK NOW AVLBLE

Hey whats up boys and gals! I’ve been away for some time now (busy with college and a bad bad break up) But I am back! Anyway, I dono if anyones still interested but I’m pretty sure I have the definitive Bloody Affair soundtrack. That is, nearly EVERY song from both Kill Bill movies, combined into an hour and a half of music as heard in the movies, in sequence and edited exactly as the movie edits.

I dont know the actual names of the songs so I’ll just say what part of the movie they’re heard in…


  1. Shaw Brothers Opening (as heard in the opening of the film)
  2. Feature Presentation (as heard in the opening)
  3. Bang Bang
  4. The Bride arrives at Vernita Greens (complete with Vengeance Theme)
  5. The Bride leaves Vernita Greens
  6. Earl McGraw’s intro music (That Certain Female)
  7. Elle in the Hospital (Twisted Nerve)
  8. The Bride Missing (Buck’s Brutal Demise)
  9. The Bride Escapes (Truck Turner- edited as heard in the movie)
  10. The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (…“I could see the faces of the cunts who did this to me, and the dicks, responsible…” scene) Edited exactly as heard in the movie.
  11. The Origin of O-Ren Ishii (movie edit) (complete with The Long Day of Vengeance movie edit)
  12. Run Fay Run (Movie Edit)
  13. Bang Bang Reprise (Arriving at Hattori’s Bar) (Movie Edit)
  14. The Man From Okinawa (Hattori and The Bride in the attic)
  15. The Lonely Shepherd (Movie Edit) (Longer Version, as heard in the movie)
  16. The Green Hornet Theme
  17. Battle Without Honor or Humanity (movie edit)
  18. All 5,6,7,8’s songs heard in the film.
  19. Death Rides a Horse (Movie Edit with Vengeance Theme)
  20. Crane/White Lightening
  21. The Bride’s Rampage (Nobody But Me movie edit)
  22. The Bride vs. Oren Ishii (Longer Version movie edit)
  23. The Death of Oren Ishii (The Flower of Carnage movie edit)
  24. Bill and the Bride (Il Tramonto)
  25. Massacre at Two Pines (Not ripped. Actual music by Rodriguez, Perfect quality)
  26. That Woman Deserves Her Revenge… (Budd and Bill talk…movie edit)
  27. Budds Lonely Trailer (Budd Returns Home. Not ripped, perfect quality).
  28. A Satisfied Mind (No edit)
  29. Budd Takes a look outside (The Bride sneeks around). Perfect Quality.
  30. Dollars Theme (Rock Salt Dug Deep In Her Tits)
  31. Cant Hardly Stand It (No Edit)
  32. This Is For Breakin’ My Brothers Heart (Burry the Bride, movie edit)
  33. The Cruel Tutelage of Pai-Mei
  34. The Bride fights Pai-Mei
  35. Training Hard (Pai-Mei Chapter)
  36. L’Arena (“Ok Pai-Mei, here I come…”)
  37. Elle and I (The Chase, longer version, movie edit)
  38. The Road to Selina (movie edit with Vengeance Theme)
  39. The Black Mamba (Elle Cleans up the Cash)
  40. Elle vs. The Bride (movie edit)
  41. Tu Mira (No Edit)
  42. Summertime Killer (No Edit)
  43. About Her (No Edit)
  44. The Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique (Bill Killed)
  45. Maleguena Salerosa (No Edit)
  46. Goodnight Moon (No Edit)
  47. Urami Bushi (Edit)

    There you have it folks, I hope its to your liking! It’s about as realistically complete as yer gonna get it I think. Anyway, the file will be available for download in a few hours (I’m uploading it). So stick around for the update. Thankyou, God bless.

    -Steve Sidewinder.


    <LINK_TEXT text=“ … Affair.wma”></LINK_TEXT>

Great ! I can’t wait to have all the files. Cause I have a lot, but I miss some tracks, and now I’ll be able to burn it into a cd 8)

Thx on advance !

Geez…any feedback??? ^-^

you should put this up as a torrent somewhere… my internet connection is too shitty at the moment to download this file

When I try to DL it, I cant for some reason. Is this a thing we have to pay for?

Uhm… Are you supposed to be able to download something from that side? Sorry but, how the hell am i supposed to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe, same question!

Scroll all the way down and click on the side that says FREE.

I tried clicking Free but when I get to the next page it says I need to turn my Java Script on (its already on). Is there any way you can post a direct download link? T

when i clicked on “free”, i got to a site with a 100and something seconds countdown. when the countdown ist at 0, i got to choose between two files and confirm it with the code displayed.

i didn’t download it yet, but it should work.

i got it, nice collection of songs… the fact that they’re in order makes it feel like watching the movie again :smiley:

havent heard it all but one thing i noticed u missed was the song when Budd goes into the bar he works in, some spanish song i believe… other than that it was pretty accurate…


enjoy this:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Soundtrack”></LINK_TEXT>

I can’t get this anymore. Is there any chance it will be offered again?