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KILL BILL SOUNDTRACK lista completa e definitiva!

[color=red]KILL BILL

Complete OST in order

[color=red]VOLUME 1

  1. Shaw brothers theme

  2. Features presentation

  3. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra

    Opening titles; The Bride enters in Hanzo’s bar

  4. Music Box Dancer - Richard Abel, written by Frank Mills

    The Bride parks outside/exits Vernita’s house.

  5. Ironside (Excerpt) - Quincy Jones

    The Bride sees Vernita, Sophie, O-Ren, Budd and Elle outside the trailer in vol. 2

  6. That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers

    Earl McGraw arrives at the Two Pines Chapel.

  7. Twisted Nerve - Bernard Hermann

    The tune that Elle whistles in the hospital scene.

    8 ) 7 Note In Nero (7 Notes In Black) - Vince Tempera & Orchestra

    Played just before The Bride attacks Buck.

  8. Truck Turner - Isaac Hayes

    The Bride finds the Pussy Wagon in the car park.

  9. The Grand Duel, M10 - Luis Bacalov

    The “Wiggle your big toe” scene.

  10. The Grand Duel (Parte Prima) - Luis Bacalov

    1st part of the anime sequence.

  11. The Grand Duel A (mix 2)


  12. I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta - Armando Trovajoli

    O-Ren’s father is killed by Pretty Riki

  13. Run Fay Run - Isaac Hayes

    Still the anime sequence: O-Ren kills the general in the car.

  14. Wound That Heals (aka Kaifuku Suru Kizu) - Lily Chou-Chou

    The Bride finds the swords in Hanzo’s attic.

  15. The Lonely Shepherd - Zamfir

    Hanzo gives the sword to The Bride; The Bride writes her death list on the plane/end titles.

  16. Boing – sound effect

    The presentation of Sofie Fatale, GoGo Yubari and Johnny Mo

  17. Armundo - David Allen Young

    The presentation of Sofie Fatale, GoGo Yubari and Johnny Mo

  18. Yakuza Oren 1 - The RZA

    O-Ren cuts Boss Tanaka’s head.

  19. Green Hornet - Al Hirt

    The Bride arrives in Tokyo, O-Ren driving to the House Of Blue Leaves, The Bride on her bike

  20. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

    O-Ren and the others enter the House Of Blue Leaves.

  21. I Walk Like Jane Mansfield - The’s
  22. I’m Blue - The’s
  23. Woo Hoo - The’s

    These 3 songs are played by the group on stage.

  24. Death rides a horse - Ennio Morricone (�From Man to Man OST�)

    The Bride cuts Sofie’s arm and challenges O-Ren.

  25. Sound effect - Flip Sting

    The Bride vs GoGo.

  26. Crane - The RZA

    The Crazy 88’s surround The Bride.

  27. I Giorni Dell’Ira (Day Of Anger) - Riz Ortolani

    The eye pluck, switch to b/w

  28. Champions Of Death - Shuzsuko Kibushi

    The Bride vs The Crazy 88’s.

  29. Sword Swings (sound effect)

  30. Axe Throws (sound effect)

  31. Super 16 (Excerpt) - NEU!

    O-Ren retreats behind the screen.

  32. Police Check Point - Harry Betts (Black Mama White Mama OST)
  33. White Lightning - Charles Bernstein
  34. Nobody But Me - The Human Beinz

    The Bride vs The Crazy 88’s.

  35. Banister Fight - The RZA

    The Bride vs Johnny Mo.

  36. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda

    The Bride and O-Ren fight in the snow.

  37. The Flower Of Carnage (Shura No Hama) - Meiko Kaji

    After the last fight, when The Bride walks away.

  38. Yagyu Conspiracy - Toshiaki Tsushima

    Background music of the “second reason” speech.

    40)Urami Bushi - Meiko Kaji

    End titles.(both volumes)

    [color=red]VOLUME 2

  39. A Silhouette Of Doom - Ennio Morricone (“Un dollaro a testa OST)

    Opening titles; Before the fight between The Bride & Elle.

  40. Il Tramonto (aka Sundown) - Ennio Morricone ("Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo OST)

    The Bride wanders out of the chapel and finds Bill.

  41. Massacre at Two Pines Wedding Chapel (Do I look pretty?) - Robert Rodriguez

    After The Bride has kissed Bill.

  42. Dies Irae (M9) - Nora Orlandi

    Bill and Budd talk outside the trailer.

  43. Ay Que Caray - Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz

    The music played in the ‘My Oh My’ club.

  44. Budd lonely trailer – Robert Rodriguez

    Budd returns home from the strip club.

  45. A Satisfied Mind - Johnny Cash

    The song from Budd’s record player.

    8 ) Budd trailer suspicions - Robert Rodriguez

    Budd stops the song and looks out of the window.

  46. A Bride Revealed - Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride pulls off her hood and is ready to attack Budd.

    10)A Fistful Of Dollars (Theme) - Ennio Morricone (“Per un pugno di dollari OST”)

    After Budd has shot The Bride.

  47. Calling The Hateful Bitch - Robert Rodriguez

    Budd phones Elle.

  48. Can’t Hardly Stand It - Charlie Feathers

    The Bride wakes up and finds that Budd has tied her up.

  49. Il Mercenario(Ripresa) - Ennio Morricone (“Il Mercenario OST�)

    Budd nails the coffin shut.

  50. In front of the stairs (invented title!!) – Robert Rodriguez

    Before clinbing the stairs

  51. White Lotus Mountain (aka Steps of fury) - Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride climbs the stairs of the Temple.

    16)Title theme�Three Tough Guys� - Isaac Hayes

    Pai Mei tests the Bride’s skills.

  52. Invincible Pole Fighter mix (aka training montage) - Robert Rodriguez

    The training of the Bride

  53. Il Mercenario(L’Arena) - Ennio Morricone (“Il Mercenario OST”)

    The Bride escapes from her grave.

  54. The Chase - Alan Reeves/Phil Steele/Philip Brigham

    Elle driving towards Budd’s trailer.

  55. Sunny Road To Salina – Christophe written by Daniel Bevilacqua (“Quando il sole scotta OST”)

    The Bride walking through the desert.

  56. About black mamba snakes dialogue theme - Robert Rodriguez

    Elle reads her notes about black mambas

  57. Budd Twang - Robert Rodriguez

    After having killed Budd, Elle puts the cash in her case.

  58. Tu Mira (Edit) - Lole Y Manuel

    The Bride drives to Esteban Vihaio.

  59. Summertime Killer (aka Motorcycles circus) - Luis Bacalov (“Ricatto alla mala OST”)

    The Bride enters Bill’s hacienda.

    25)The Bride meets BB – Sound Effect

    The Bride sees BB for the first time

  60. BB – Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride holds BB

  61. About Her - Malcolm McLaren

    The Bride & B.B. watch Shogun Assassins, then she goes to face Bill.

  62. Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - sound effect

  63. The Demise Of Barbara, And The Return Of Joe - Ennio Morricone (�Un dollaro a testa OST")

    Bill takes his final steps and dies.

  64. Malagueña Salerosa - Chingon

    Cast credits.

    31)Goodnight Moon - Shivaree

    Black and white end credits.

    32)Black Mamba (instrumental) - The RZA

    End credits


    Volume 2 Official site:

    Elle’s theme: Fideo del Oeste - Chingon

    Bill’s theme: Invincible Pole Fighter - Stephen Sing & So Chun Hou


    The Trio – Ennio Morricone (Il buono il brutto il cattivo OST)

    Trailer vol.2

    The Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down


    Extra tracks:

    Ode to O-Ren Ishii – The RZA (vol. 1 CD)

    Black Mamba – The RZA (vol. 2 CD ghost track)

mitica!! ;D

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The Lonely Shepherd - Zamfir

La Sposa scrive la “Death list”/ titoli di coda
Una delle cinque melodie più emozionanti e toccanti mai sentite in una colonna sonora… :’( :’( :’(

The Trio – Ennio Morricone

Trailer vol.2

Epicitàall’ennesima potenza!

La simbiosi col trailer è perfetta!


Elle – Robert Rodriguez

Si sente nel sito ufficiale del volume 2 (Nel giochino con la macchina di Elle!)

Questa se non sbaglio è “Fideo Del Oeste” dei Chingon, si sente negli extra.

Lista aggiornata lista fortunata… ???


  • The Grand Duel A (mix 2)
  • Armundo - David Allen Young
  • Calling The Hateful Bitch - Robert Rodriguez
  • About black mamba snakes dialogue theme - Robert Rodriguez
  • The Bride meets BB - Robert Rodriguez
  • Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - sound effect

Questa se non sbaglio è “Fideo Del Oeste” dei Chingon, si sente negli extra.

Confermo, è Fideo Del Oeste. :wink:

Ah, dunque la canzone volgarmente chiamata “Elle” in realtàsi chiama Fideo Del Oeste?

Ma quanto dura?

Quella che ho io è brevissima.

Ah, dunque la canzone volgarmente chiamata “Elle” in realtàsi chiama Fideo Del Oeste?

Ma quanto dura?

Quella che ho io è brevissima.
Se quella che intendi tu si sente sul sito dopo aver selezionato il nome di Elle, allora è quella. Dura 5 minuti circa.

Si trova nell’album dei Chingon, “Mexican Spaghetti Western”.

Si è quella!!!

Ed è bellissima, perfetta per Elle!!!

Bravissimo Poncho!!!



Si è quella!!!

Ed è bellissima, perfetta per Elle!!!

Bravissimo Poncho!!!


Ti consiglio tutto l’album, non è affatto male.


Invincible pole fighter di Sthephen Sing & So Chun Hou si sente solo nel sito ufficiale del volume 2, quando si clicca su Bill; la musica che si sente durante l’allenamento della Sposa è un remix di questa canzone fatto da Robert Rodriguez!


Finalmente l’ho completata!!!

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Ho aggiornato la lista per l’ultimissima volta… :-</E>

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