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Kill Bill references to Tarantino's own movies

I noticed a few things in Kill Bill that are references to other Qt movies…here are the ones I noticed (which are also the most obvious) A lot of this stuff is just shit QT does in all of his movies anyway.

-Buck’s glasses look at lot like Clarence’s from True Romance

-Uma Therman does the famous “square” sign with her fingers, this was from Pulp Fiction

-Vernita Green’s “hand cannon” in the cereal box misses and hits the wall behind the Bride, just like the man misses Vince and Jules in Brett’s apartment in Pulp Fiction

-there are lots of “feet shots” in the Kill Bill, just like Uma’s feet in Pulp, Bridget’s feet in Jackie Brown, and Julliete’s feet in FDTDawn. I read a bit of this already on this forum.

-The first-person trunk shot is back, just like in all the other QT movies. (but True Romance has no trunk shot I think)

-The Red Apple cigarretes banner at the airport.

-There’s a close-up of the silverware drawer as Vernita Green opens it. You see this “close-up on items being used by the character” style in a lot of his other movies. Like in Dogs, pouring out the pennies in Orange’s apartment in Dogs, and in Pulp, pressing the 8-track buttons in Mia’s house, Pumpkin’s magnum being slapped on the table, and the close-up of the dashboard as Bruce turns on the car, the toast popping up, shit like that.

-Uma wakes up from her coma…it looks almost identical to her coma wake up in Pulp. Hey wait, in both Pulp and KB she’s in a coma!

-The cartoony sequence of the airplane flying from here to there across a map. This little scene is in Jackie Brown.

-The sheriff from FDTDawn is in Kill Bill. Of course we remember he gets his head blown off by Richie in Dawn, hehe.

-When it flashes back to bloody aftermath of the wedding, you can hear clearly in the backround a radio playing. For a second a Mexican song is being played as the radio channels are being changed. This exact sound clip plays as Mr. Blonde changes his radio in Reservoir Dogs.

-QT uses an innapropiately upbeat song for such a violent scene for the Blue Leaves section. Just like the ear scene and “Stuck in the Middle”, and “Little Green bag” for Mr. Orange’s screaming in the car.

That’s what I can remember.

Anyone remember anything else, post it all here! :slight_smile:

You got all the ones I noticed except the one where The Bride bites Buck’s friend and the camera pans away just like in Reservoir Dogs.

okay…does anyone care to comment to this topic? I think this topic is at least somewhat interesting… :-/

Yeah sure, But you got like every single one in one post. Seemes to me like you nailed em all. I only noticed one, where uma opens the trunk and the Point of view is from the trunk.

by the way Dead Nigga, you have the best fucking signature i have ever seen. Just wanted to say that AAAAAAAAAA

the guy who played Buck (Michael Bowen - sp?) played an agent in Jackie Brown…but I can’t remember his name in the movie right now

You forgot one little one. When O-Ren is walking with her cronies, it is kind of like all the guys in Reservoir Dogs. It takes a look at mostly all of them individually.

And, the hula dancer in the pussy wagon. there was a hula dancer in Pulp in Butch’s car

The only one I can member at this place and time is the cereal box named KABOOM! cereal. In PF, the board games Operation and Life were in the room when Mia was all fucked up in that dude’s (whos name escapes me) living room. Those games are obviously a little…fuck the word escapes me…OH foreshadowing as to whats going to happen. And guns go Kaboom…hence…Kaboom cereal.

i’m not sure about it but my friend said that the joke Oren’s posse is hearing is the joke nice guy was telling in the car in Reservoir dogs only it was in Japanese, i don’t know if thats accurate someone clearify

Yea, that story the Crazy88 is telling I also thought might be the same or similar to what Nice Guy Eddie was telling about E Lois.

Also, does anyone know the name of the song that starts on the radio before its switched (used in Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs) ???

This is a long interview with QT by a Japanese movie critic.

QT talks about why he uses Ironside music,

where the Lucy Liu’s character comes from,

what TV show he quotes narration from,

and many many more.

This is a good topic. There were a couple mentioned that I didn’t catch. Also…

In Pulp Fiction, Butch’s weapon of choice is a samurai sword, as is The Bride’s, of course.

And I’m pretty sure the gun that Vernita uses is a Berretta 92 Inox, which was used in both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction…but, it’s only on screen for only a few frames so I’m not 100% on that one, and it’s actually a fairly common weapon in movies anyway… so maybe it’s not really worthy of mention.

Marvin in Pulp Fiction and the dignitary in the anime sequence of Kill Bill both get there heads blown all over the back of a car, leaving an almost identical mess on the back window.

The Crazy 88 are wearing the same kinda suits - with white shirts and black ties, as the Reservoir Dogs and Vince and Jules where wearing in previous QT flicks.

And…my favorite, though it’s not really a homage to his previous films as much as it is an homage to his own writing process is that The Bride uses black and red felt pens when she’s making her hit list, just like Tarantino’s said he does when writing a film…

"[i]My rituals are that I don’t use a typewriter or a computer. I write by hand, and what I’ll do â€â€


The one thing that did stand out - as THE WOLF mentioned - is the slow-mo sequence which I loved to the cool music!


  • of course the cool music over the opening credits

The mosquito close-up is like the syringe close-up from Pulp Fiction.

Michael Madsen (wearing the suit and tie in the wedding scene) looks exactly like he did in Reservoir Dogs.

David Carradine played Caine in Kung Fu, which was referenced by Samuel L. Jackson in the diner in Pulp Fiction.

The extreme close-up with the bullet entering the barrel of the gun then being fired at The Bride’s head - the gun was flaring/charging. That is similar to when Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta were firing their guns at Brett (Frank Whaley) in Pulp Fiction - there was a flare/charge/glow at the bottom of the screen where the bullets came out of their guns.

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use that topic for all other (non-tarantino-intern) references

- The DiVAS are similar to the Fox Force Five.

  • In Pulp Fiction, Butch kills Zed and steals his keys (which have a personalized keychain) and his vehicle…In Kill Bill, the Bride kills Buck and steals his keys (which have a personalized keychain) and his vehicle.

- (Screenplay only) Buck has a wallet that says “BIG EL PASO PIMPIN,” similar in concept to Jules’s “BAD MOTHERFUCKER” wallet.

Just thought I’d bring up this topic again. It’s been a while.