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Kill Bill Production Status

Just wondering if anyone had any idea whether or not shooting has started.  I heard that principle photography is to begin sometime this month.

I’d really like to find out as soon as the cameras start rolling.  If anyone has any inside info., this is the

place for it.

Let’s get on with the “roaring rampage of revenge!”

unfortunately i have no clue. if he hasn’t started shooting yet, they’re still post-production. last i heard was, that he was in L.A. at a sound recording studio, and i guess the casting isn’t complete yet.

i figure he’s a bit behind and i am afraid (might be otherwise) that there won’t be principle shooting this month.

be let’s hope…

I believe that shooting is gonna start by the end of this month coz he does want to present this film in the Cannes and since it is suppose to be an epic i dont know if he is able to waste any more time.

Even if he doesnt round off the cast he will still start i believe.

Lets hope anyway,


I wish I had some news to add, but I dont. Id think that QT would be beginning principle photography maybe later this month. Hes probably finishing up combat training and sight location scouting now. Im sure we’ll get the word when he begins shooting. Until then, lets hear more about the script!!! :wink:


as i am writing THIS, quentin tarantino IS IN BEIJING. yes, i just got contacted by a source from Beijing (China). I don’t yet know what he’s doing there or whatever. all i know is, that he’s there.

That’s cool!

He must be there to look at some locations for the film.

He needs to speed things up a bit if he wants to present this epic at the Cannes next year.


my beijing contact said something about he wants to write an article about qt shooting kill bill.

so maybe he’s already there for preparing the principle shooting. that would be cool.

Id love to hear more about what kind of locations in Beijing will be used for Kill Bill. Im thinking The Bride will meet Pai Mei at some weird temple or underground lair in the city. Cant wait to see it on screen.

Hey guys, I need your help. I just graduated from college and my next step is to make my resume. Now the thing is, I wanna send it to this place to get a job on Ron Howard’s The Alamo but was thinking, maybe, just maybe, somehow, if there’s a god, I might be able to get a job on Kill Bill. What I need to do first is find out who the production manager on Kill Bill is. I’m gonna check the directories and stuff and tried checking on the internet but to no avail, I can’t find it on the net. So if anyone is really profecient in finding that kinda stuff, can you please find out who the Production Manager is on Kill Bill and if there’s a fax number or production office set up, in either California or Austin, some of Bill is set in Austin. I can promise you that if I get a job on Kill Bill, you guys will be the first to find out all the details. Thanks again. Oh, one more thing, usually Paul Hellerman might be the Prod. manager cause he worked with QT b4 but it looks like he’s a producer now so maybe not. It would still be cool to find out Paul Hellerman’s info if you can.

hm… maybe you ask some secretary at his agency:

William Morris Agency

A Band Apart Productions

6525 Sunset Blvd. #G-12

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(213) 468-2555

but that’s QT’s agency, i suppose you can’t send your resume there or applicate, but maybe you can ask for the proper adress.

Sebastian, I called the number and it doesn’t work. ???


Try (323)468-2555.  Area codes have been switched around here in Los Angeles.

As for getting on to the movie: go for it, brother.  Information is very sparse in terms of who is crewing on this one.  Makes me think he’s using mostly people he knows and has worked with before, but who knows?

Try that number and I’ll look around in my spare time and see if I can dig anything up.  Hell, I’d quit my job and light my head on fire to be on that set!

Anyway, good luck, man! :wink:

Bill, thanks alot. I’ll try it right after I sign off. See, that’s the kinda thing I’m talking about. Fans helping fans out. Bill, since you’re in the area, what do you do for work?


I work for a company that deals with DVD authoring and quality control. We mostly deal with 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros. titles and we usually deal with only regions outside of the US.

So, no, I don’t get free DVDs. I wish we dealt with more Region 1 stuff, but whatever.

I graduated from San Diego State in 1997 with a Film Production degree and still shoot my own stuff in my spare time. I guess it just never leaves your blood.

Let us know how that phone number works for you. Good Luck.

Bill, I tried that phone number and to no avail, it was for something else. I guess when the area code changed, they also changed their number. I’ll still keep looking though. But what was curious was when I called the number, as the lady was listing off the menu, she also translated it into Chinese or Madarin or some Asian language and I thought I hit the jack pot but no, it was nothing. DVD authoring, cool. Alright, I still need to find out who the Production Manager is on KB.


A little birdy told me, try this:

A Band Apart

7966 Beverly Blvd

2nd Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90048



This should be the place. Try the number and good luck.


did u try the number?? Let us know dude!!! If u have a chance to work on Kill Bill that would just be spectacular not only for u but for us as well :wink:


QT has started shooting! Read the news! That’s so cool!

he’s shooting the SHOWDOWN AT THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES segment in Beijing (thats chapter 4 in the script)

that’s so cool!!!

AWRIGHT! This is great news. I just posted the article in the NEWS section. I was so excited after reading it at AICN, I just posted it. Do you guys wanna make an official Kill Bill production section, so we dont keep posting all diff notes around. It would probably ba good idea seb.

I already posted a Kill Bill prodution thread and stated that all talk is held there but maybe im just way over my head and shouldnt say shit like that. Its up to you Seb if u wana make a new section. I dont think its necessary.

P.S. FUCKING EXCELLENT NEWS ABOUT KILL BILL!!! How i wish i was there to see this cool set being filmed arrrrrrrrrh >:( GODDAMMIT!! But anyway very relieving news.