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Kill Bill on TNT (Edited for Content) Sept 15/16/17

Just a heads up to TV viewers in the US. Kill Bill will be premiering on TNT in September.

Volume 1 will be shown on a Friday Night. Vol 2 on a Saturday night.

Sunday: Both volumes.

I cant wait to see how much of this is edited for TV. haha.

Yeah I keep seeing the kill bill commericals while Im watching Law & Order cant wait. Also the edited for TV Version is gonna be awesome.

“My Name Is Buck And I Came here To Have Fun”

"Thought that was pretty FREAKING funny didn’t you? Word of advice, BUTTHEAD! Dont ever wake up"

Cant wait

Yeah I actually love redubbed movies, so I hope they give Kill Bill a load of that kind of stuff. Its like watching it in a different way.

Are you kidding me? They edit it for tv like that? Damn, living in the US must suck.

No, not really. Living in the US doesnt suck because they dub movies on TV.

Well Im just guessing thats how It will be like, I hope they dont just have big bleep when a F word is used that pisses me off.

So… they can’t say ‘fuck’ on tv? Haha.

Guys, they leave in alot of swears in movies on TV, but they dont usually keep in stuff like Fuck. It depends on what channel it is actually. Some will allow every swear, others bleep out every single one.

Its not that big of a deal. Like I said, if they add in funny words in place of the swears, it makes it like another version of the film.

I really dont care about that kind of stuff. I already own Kill Bill on DVD so I can watch it anytime I want. The main point is that theyre actually putting it on TV. Thats awesome by itself.

Yeah I Agree.

Yeah…example “The Breakfast Club” is so funny when Its on tv, So Is “Scarface”

“How you get that scar eating Pineapples”

Casino and Fargo are also hilarious when theyre on TV. In Fargo they actually put in “Froozen” and “Fruitful” instead of Fuck. It makes the film even funnier.

Hahaha, okay, you have convinced me. That is awesome.

That’s retarded.

I heard they put melonfarmer in Repo Man instead of motherfucker. Classic.

We don’t edit films like that, they just put Repoman on after 9. But if it is M, like Confidence or whatever, they just leave everything in and put it on before 9. Sometimes for R rated films they will actually get the American one. Like I think they did Pulp Fiction at like 8 pm once and decided to use the US redub. I didn’t watch though. Swearing isn’t the same here as it is in the US, though. Plus, a different body governs television ratings from the film ratings. So an R is not necessarily an R on TV.

For Repo Man, Alex Cox actually designed a special TV version with those wacky swears in them because he knew it would be funnier. I actually like the Repo Man TV Edit over the theatrical version. Its better IMO.

Sometimes it can ruin movies, but when you’re watching movies with tons of swearing, it can sometimes make the movie really fun, like I said.

Yeah, the thing is I don’t really watch many of the films on TV. Only stuff on the foreign channel. So it wouldn’t bother me if they censored it like that. I’d prolly just watch sometimes for the fun of it. I don’t think Australia really feels the need to censor swearing unless it is very excessive. I mean, our teachers even swear at us.

Me too. I watch some films on TV (usually TCM or AMC) but generally I only watch DVDs. If I really care about a movie thats been redubbed, I’ll buy it on DVD anyway.

I CANNOT wait! I’ll finally be able to watch Kill Bill in HD! :smiley:

Yeah man this gonna be awesome but Its like 2 weeks away.

Definitely worth the wait though…

Knowing TNT, I won’t have to tune in on the 15th to see it because they’ll eventually rerun the hell out of it (How many times have you channel-surfed there and ran into a repeat of The Mummy or Rush Hour?)

I’m sure the movies will be shown in fullscreen

Talked about how that appeared here:

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But like you other guys, I always love to see how these movies are edited. The results are extremely hilarious sometimes.