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Kill bill/ninja/sword sound effects

does anybody know where i can get some good kill bill/ninja/sword sound effects? im going to make a short ninja flick in my film class and it would be cool if i could get some good sound effects like those in kill bill. thanks for the help


This is a pretty good site with some sounds, and even how to make your own with household items. Good luck with the ninja movie!

the kill bill sound track comes with sound effects they are tracks 20 21 and 22 i could send them to you

Dude whatever you do, do not use the soundeffects that are used in kill bill especially the ones on the soundtrack. They are the most unoriginal, boring effects I have heard. I can’t believe RZA actually produced them but it just explains why he has lost the reputation of “Hiphop Genius Producer”. Back in '93 that dude was worshipped for his work on all the WTC’s projects. Now…well let’s not even bother.

Anyway back on topic…all you have to do is to go and do a little crate digging. Go into an independent record store e.g. Amoeba Records (S.F./L.A.) and head straight to the “Breaks” section. Then just dig through all the crates of crap until you find the vinyls you desire.

Basically you are looking for something on the Q-Bert’s “DirtyStyle” label. If you don’t really know your “breaks” from your “bollocks” then forget the diggin and just pick up an early 90’s release of any Wu-Tang LP.


“Enter the Wu-tang”

“Liquid Swords” (Gza)

“Ironman” (Ghostface Killah)

These albums have excellent fighting/sword sound-effects where you can sample.

Probably easier to just download them, .wav format. There must be millions of audio soundbites out there you just gotta use your googles to find them.

But if I were you, doing a film like this, no matter how hard you try (assuming you are an student/amateur), it is likely to be viewed as corny. So instead of using all these ‘standard’ effects, twist it on its head and use different sounds like ones from old video games (Street Fighter/Kesiden/Mortal Kombat) that would come off pretty damn cool if you edit it correctly and use the correct samples.

Enter the Wu-Tang: 36th Chamber has like no sword or ninja sound effects. All it has is a few fight clips from old kung-fu movies and alittle talking. I do not know what you are talking about.

[quote]Enter the Wu-Tang: 36th Chamber has like no sword or ninja sound effects. All it has is a few fight clips from old kung-fu movies and alittle talking. I do not know what you are talking about.[/quote]

Err well try listening to the beginning of “Bring Da Ruckus”, off my head I can remember a soundbite of swords clashing and dialogue: “On guard…let me try my wu-tang style again” The whole Goddamn album has sampled sword effects.

You know what works pretty well for samurai sound effects? Trust me on this ive done it before. First, get any DVD or video of any of the Lone Wolf and Cub movies (they have tonnes of classic samurai sfx). Then play it and just record the sounds you want as wav files to your computer - which you can use later in your movie. Even audio recording from a VCR to a computer like 2 metres away will work pretty well if you have the sound turned up. I did it with Creative Wav Studio and edited it in Adobe Premiere with my movie and it seemed to work pretty well.

It may take a little while to get all the sounds you want, but trust me you can get a whole range of cool sounding shit. Sword slices, arterial sprays, sword hitting flesh, sword clanging against sword, etc. Anything you’d need for your ninja/samurai movie.

yeah the sound effects on the kill bill soundtrack are pretty lame… i dont know why they added them. i would have rather heard the sword going into o-ren’s dad’s head 100 times than the axe throw.

i was thinking playing street fighter or something like that to get effects… it would sound wicked cool. i want to make it somewhat corny because corniness is just amazing. the anime Ninja Scroll has great sounds that i may try and harness…

the filming itself isnt for a while… im making it my final project out of 4 other ones, but im preparing for it now to make it really good. that way i can premiere it at my college’s film festival so people can be like “wow who’s that awesome kid?” bwa hahaha.

check out, you yourself could host your film there for cheap and have it be viewed by the thousands of vistors that watch films there each month! Plus it has a great forum where you can get help, tips, and advice!

thanks for the link kentucky… the site is fucked up right now but i bookmarked it for later.

i have another question too if anybody knows… he said we’re not allowed to use weapons, but im thinking of taking a cue from anime movies like ninja scroll who sometimes make the swords reflect light so thet look somewhat like white lightsabers… i dont know how else to put it. anyway, does anybody know if there is a program like After Effects or something that allows me to create a light source like that? thanks!

[quote]the anime Ninja Scroll has great sounds that i may try and harness…[/quote]

I can attest for that…I love the sound effects when all the ninjas in the beginning of the movie throw like hundreds of throwing stars at the first devil and they all slam into the wood. So fucking cool.

hey people what do you think of me playing this sound clip right here… it will play when the black ninja is introduced. what i want to happen is the white ninja will be in the breakroom upstairs at my work, and then the black ninja will rise up as if he’s hovering while someone lifts him using a power-jack. check it out below.

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