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Kill Bill in Pasadena

I swung by the KB shoot this afternoon. There were a few signs that said “MANCHU” but that was as descriptive as they got - a very quiet production at a big imposing hospital on the outskirts of town.

It looked like it is going to be primarily a night shoot, the streets had been reserved from 4pm to 8am over the next several days.

Despite the loads of security, I managed to walk through some of the exterior hospital corridors where the star trailers, catering, and big fucking cranes and lighting equipment were getting rigged. Snapped off a few not-terribly-exciting pictures that I’ll throw up on my site at some point soon.

I’ll be going back tomorrow evening to try to get something a tad more thrilling.

Reminds me when I was back in the University of Nebraska back in 1982 and they filmed parts of Terms of Endearment. My hubby and I lived only a few blocks from where they were set up for the home of Shirley McClane. They also used the front of Architecture Hall as the English Department that was supposed to be in Kearny, NE for an outside shoot. They also used other interior shots from a couple of other locations.

Would love to see the pictures. Brought back a few memories for me. :-))



Tossed a few pics up on my site. Again, nothing remotely exciting at this point:

[quote]Tossed a few pics up on my site.  Again, nothing remotely exciting at this point:

Alex, Thanks for taking the time to go take those pics. We all appreciate it dude. :slight_smile:

Why is your pic so scary?

Went back tonight. Security was even tighter… after walking around the perimeter of the set and snapping off a few pics and getting in trouble with a security guard (doh) I just bit the fucking bullet and walked right into the area labeled “BASE CAMP” with all the star trailers and the makeup trailer and a congregation of actors. I asked one of the actors (a stunt double) where the production office was and he led me to it, but pointed out the film’s 2nd AD, Dawn Massaro, along the way. I ran over to her and dropped some of my credentials (graduate student in the film dept. at ucla, putting together a special on the KB production online etc. etc.) and she was kind enough to put me in touch with the production manager (I assume Jennifer Stephens, though I don’t think I caught her name). She said they’d be shooting in LA for quite awhile and took down my site address and phone # and said she’d do her best to hook me up with the film’s publicist, so we’ll see what I can wrangle…

Take care, everyone.

you lucky bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever, monkeypeaches misunderstood my email. now at it says, i posted those hospital pictures… not my fault :wink:

hey if you are making up connections with some of the crew, you could persuade someone INSIDE to take pictures for you?

Thats really awesome! Maybe they’ll send you some cool production pics or Supercool Manchu logos or something even if your not allowed on the actual set. Anyway, its cool your giving it a shot for all us fans of QT and Kill Bill! :slight_smile:

Are they finished in Pasadena? Any news about the production schedule in the coming weeks would be greatly appreciated!!

Are they still going out to Barstow like we heard earlier?

Wheres Alex? He disappeared. Maybe he got thrown in jail for trying to spy on the set! lol.

They’re still in LA. Bo started his stuff on Monday of this week. According to the production manager, they’ll be in the LA area awhile. Not sure if the Barstow stuff is happening. The publicist called me today while I was away at grad school orientation… when I called back she had left for the day; had a brief chat with the bubbly receptionist who answered the phone "SUPER COOL MANCHU PRODUCTIONS!!!"

I’ll see what I can do about getting the press release (if it exists yet… usually a pretty nice source of information) and maybe an interview with someone involved with the production. I live in Hollywood so visits to the set aren’t too problematic for me.

if its no problem for you, do it!!!

the pussy wagon looks so cool

The Pussy Wagon is one sweet lookin vehicle 8)

In the pic, Uma looks like she just got her ass beat from the ‘Blaxploitation style’ catfight with Vernita! I cant wait to see “2”! 8)

Great work Alex!