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Kill Bill fan film

Kill Bill themed video from when the Bride has escaped being buried alive.

This was filmed on some sort of Sony handycam for a more grainylook

not bad the burial would have been cool to see though.

yeah that would of been awesome to do hopefully next time! rate or comment it if u can thnx

I watched your Dogs short film and this one… they’re good but you should make something original.

yeah, i have a feature film script that im currently working on, this was to just help my lecturers play at college to break up inbetween scenes

yeaa i can never copy scene or anything like that cause i think whats the point?

Yeah, well, of course you will NEVER be able to imitate the power and raw emotion of the original but for the purposes of what the short-clips were serving i think they faired really well and they were really well recieved. they were projected on a huge black wall during scene changes of Shakespeare plays set in Tarantino-esq situations…like Kill Bill = Hamlet.

true plus it gives u good practice shooting.

Yeah exactly! Plus get to play around with some of my favourite scenes for fun which is cool