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Kill Bill errors and mistakes topic

[quote] The dialogue was fucked up though.[/quote]

I dont see whats fucked up about it. I think its great.

I loved the movie too. Calm down son. your getting all worked up over nothing. I don’t know where you are from but parents don’t talk to thier kids in that phony sort of way. Listen to the way vernita is talking to nikkia. it’s just didn’t come out right. it’s not a mistake like a boom mic coming into the picture but it didn’t come off right. The way she snapped at nikkia came off right. I didn’t like 1 sentence in the movie. I’ll live some how some way…

I’m with you on the phoniness of Vivca’s tone. I think it’s got more to do with her acting chops, which are just about nonexistent. If you notice, everyone’s got crappy lines to deliver. That’s half the point. It’s B-movie splendor, not Shakespeare.

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dude, watch what u say!!! not all of us know the Brides name, but know, without any spoiler warning we do. i owe u one!


can you read lips? I think that “what she called her” is a pet name like sweety and kid and honey.

i’ve watched it 3 times, i figured it out. even Vivica Fox blurted it out in an interview. wtf, i just wanted to share the bit of info.

but if it bothered u both so much, i deleted it.

youre right, what a jerk i am for sharing that.

I wasn’t talking about you. IU was talkin about brazil. I was just saying I knew her name because I can read lips and “what she said” I don’t think is her last name but a pet name like honey or baby.

ur still doing it!!!

giving away a spoiler to part 2, whether u can figure it out or not, aint very nice for us idiots that cant read lips. Tarantino goes out of his way to make sure we dont find out until part two and u guys just come along sayin “her name is ***** ******”

I said what her name wasn’t. If you didn’t know her name started with a B then you must be blind or have no concept of speech.

When Uma Thurman’s character (The Bride) tried to escape the assassin life, they “did her in”.  Yet, I wondering why they didn’t they do the same to Vernita Green who has also quit the life and started a family of her own.

Another point I was wondering.  When O-Ren Ishii became the head honcho of the Tokyo underworld, it was 1 year after the massacre in Texas.  Yet Sophie, and GoGo (Almost 4 years later) are wearing the exact same outfits, at the House of Blue Leaves?  They also said GoGo was 17 at that time, which means she would’ve been around 20 or 21 (yet still in school?), when she has the brawl with Uma Thurman.

I don’t know if these are errors really, just some things I’ve been wondering about.

the one about why they didn’t do the same to Vernita is an interesting question, but I think we’ll find out more of Bill’s motivation in part two. maybe he was pissed cause he was tagging the bride, lol. :smiley:

I read the script for volume 2, and they don’t. I just think Tarantino didn’t really think about that :p.

Vernita - couple reasons might be brought up. First, Vernita got pregnant. Maybe she’s on a long-term sabbatical. Second, after doing the job on The Bride, she may have been given the opportunity to leave.

Go Go/O-Ren - I’m not exactly sure if you could consider Uma’s narrative scene a flashback or not. Remember when that one waitress asked her partner “Did you hear what happened to the Tanaka clan?” So, that whole part of the movie must’ve been recent history.

I hope Tarantino decided to put an explanation to why they attacked the bride at her wedding.

Yeah, the whole Vernita issue is one that doesn’t sit well with me. I keep hoping that there is some very very cool reason for Uma to be betrayed so thoroughly, but I want to wait until Vol. 2 to find out.

Anyway, who’s to say that Go-Go can’t wear the school-girl outfit just because it’s really cool?

The DiVAS all split up, i thought. They’re all doing different things now, aren’t they. I’m confused.

Yes. They split up. But why kill The Bride (or WANT to kill) just for wanting to quit “the life” ? What were her intentions?

Maybe this is what happenes to Jules. He quits “the life”, Marcellus is “ok” with it…but then has some pipe hittin niggers chase after him as he “walks the earth like Cane in Kung Fu” ???

THoughts? :-/

Vernita didnt quit, the DiVAS disbanded some time after they massacred the Brides wedding.

The other stuff, I dont really know about. It may just be a goof, but all these goofs and little details we notice make the film even more fun to watch and talk about dont they? :slight_smile:

Alot of the questions about the wedding massacre and the DiVAS will be answered in Volume 2. You’ll see.

But why would a 21 year old wear a school girl uniform? Supposedly she was suppose to be 17, but that was only a year into Uma’s coma. She was in the Coma for four years which means GoGo was atleast 20.