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Kill Bill DVD with The Daily Times (UK)

I got a special DVD today with a 20 minute Quentin interview. Has anyone else got this and if not go get it from your local store? He talks about most of the other things you’ve heard him say elsewhere about Kill Bill but the DVD also has older interview stuff from Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction although I haven’t watched yet.

The interesting thing about this DVD is that it says there are previously unreleased clips from Pulp Fiction on it. I haven’t got round to watching all of the DVD yet because I’ve been busy but if I see something interesting I’ll report it here.

Does it also come with some other magazines or something? It sounds interesting.

No, it was a one off thing done especially for the newspaper. Quentin introduces the DVD las a special for the times newspaper.

The DVD extras include trailers for Dogs, Pulp and Jackie Brown and a making of Dogs documentary that’s probably on the DVD anyway. Also the ‘unreleased’ clips are actually on the Pulp DVD. It’s just the Mia Wallace/Vincent Vega camera scene. Likewise, the one for Jackie Brown is on the DVD.

Oh ok, them I’m not missing out on anyone ;D

[quote]Oh ok, them I’m not missing out on anyone ;D[/quote]

Yeah, although you won’t find the Times interview particularly available.

that’s true but I don’t mind

btw: your avatar is really cool. are there more of those?

I’m sure there must be other similar avatars to this somewhere but I haven’t been able to find them.

For those interested, this interview is on the net now, lifted directly from the DVD in a very good quality Xvid avi file. I downloaded it just to see if it was the same one because that’s the kind of guy I am.

Just click here <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1).torrent”>[interview]-avi(1).torrent</LINK_TEXT>

It’s a torrent so you need a bit torrent client. I got 70kb/s off it, so it’s going pretty fast.

Wow Master Kill Bill! Awesome Bittorrent link!!

That is fantastic… with Quentin Tarantino video interviews on the internet…

everyone get the Bittorrent program to download this here:

Doesn’t this have a normal link? that bit-torrent doesn’t work so well with me. I have tried it many times before but anywayz no normal url or ftp anyone please?

[quote]Doesn’t this have a normal link? that bit-torrent doesn’t work so well with me. I have tried it many times before but anywayz no normal url or ftp anyone please?[/quote]

Not that I know of. It’s very easy to download a Bit Torrent client. Most of them are about 2 mb and then you click on the link and you get the file. Simple. It wouldn’t take you very long and it’s worth it imo.

OK, I’ll give it a try

Thanks for the link

wow, it’s a big file( 170 MB) :smiley: how long exactly is that interview?

[quote]wow, it’s a big file( 170 MB) :smiley: how long exactly is that interview?[/quote]

…about 21 minutes 20 seconds. Good interview though, definitely worth it if you’ve got a broadband connection or can wait for it to d/l. It went pretty fast (about 70Kb/s).

I was downloading it with 5/10 kb/s for about 4 hours. forgettaboutit, I really want to se it, but I’m not gonna wait another 6 hours or something

No leave it!

It didn’t pick up on my connection for awhile. When it started it was originally going at less than 5kb/s. I walked off and came back later and it was going at 70kb/s!

Oh, darn

Well I give it one more go then. But I think I’m gonna run it at night so when I wake up the morning I can look at QT enthusiastic talking (and I believe that these things run faster at night

Yeah I know but I had been downloading it for 4 hours straight and it started off going like 20/30 kb/s but then after 20 min. or so when I checked, it had dropped to around 5 and it stayed for the rest of the time.

Is it maybe because I have an internet router?

Where’d my last post go? >:( Well I can tell you why the speeds the torrent is giving are probably low now. The link seems to have vanished off the website for some stupid yet unknown reason - yet it still works. What this means is that less people will know about the link meaning less seeds, less peers and less shared bandwidth. Sorry if you can’t get the interview. Maybe it’ll be readily available somewhere else.

It took me long enough but I finally got the sucker. and it’s very cool. haven’t seen QT jazzed up in a black suite + matching tie since 1992 :wink:

Master Kill Bill thanks for posting this link, I appreciate it. btw what do you mean with they took the link off the website? you don’t mean this website do you, because I can still see the link

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1).torrent”>[interview]-avi(1).torrent</LINK_TEXT>

or do you mean the suprnova site?