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Kill Bill Directors Cut DVD Wish List

Ok, so yes, one of the best movies ever made. We know it will come, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long, but when the director’s cut comes out, what are some features you are interested in seeing?


-NR (show me that beautiful action in full color, baby!)

-wasn’t QT going to make this just one movie originally instead of breaking it up into two? Be nice to see that edit with all the deleted scenes integrated in

-commentary with UT and QT

They cant fit the whole 4 hour movie onto one DVD. So they will have each volume on a seperate disc most likely.

For this fancy new DVD I want to see feature length documentaries on -

The Making of Kill Bill - A making of doco something similar to SW Episode 1’s excellent doco “The Beginning” (which is actually better than the movie itself)

Movies that inspired Kill Bill - Looks at all the movies that inspired and were homaged in Kill Bill

Also want a QT commentary. If they dont have it, I’m not buying the DVD. The guy is so damned entertaining to listen to.

I want to see ALL of the trailers, including the normal one for Volume 1 and the commercials aired on t.v. I still remember seeing the 30 second clip right before V.1 came out with “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” playing in the background as it showed Budd on screen. Awesome.

I’d want it as a 3-Disc set (The complete,unedited cut of the movie is probably long enough to spread over 2 discs)

-Tarantino solo commentary

-Techincal commentary

-Cast (And friends) commentary

-Audience track

-“Grindhouse” documentary (Not based on the movie, Grindhouse. But a retrospective documentary about

the grindhouse run and the movies that influenced Kill Bill)

-“Lowdown at the House of Blue Leaves” Documentary of the set piece that took the longest to shoot for the movie. Showing pre-production material,rehearsels,multi-angles,etc…

-Deleted Scenes

-Anime featurette

-Music of Kill Bill: Interviews with RZA,Rodriguez,and Ennio Morricone

-“KNB in China” SFX featurette

-World premier footage (From various countries)

-Vintage trailer gallery for David Carradine,Gordon Liu,and Sonny Chiba (Ala Pam Grier and Robert Forster on the JACKIE DVD)

If they wait a while they can do a blu ray disc and do just one movie instead of splitting them up.

But they will have to split them up more than likely.

As much as dislike those new DVD formats, I would say The Whole Bloody Affair is a likely candidate for the first wave of Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs.

yeah, I also think they’re gonna hold back this fucker for blue ray or hd dvd. but i think they’re milking all over again and they will first release the same standard shit again on blue ray before putting on all the extras

[quote=“The Seb”]
yeah, I also think they’re gonna hold back this fucker for blue ray or hd dvd. but i think they’re milking all over again and they will first release the same standard shit again on blue ray before putting on all the extras

So you think I’ll have to buy blue ray in order to see the special features I’ve been waiting to see for the last 2 years? Fuck’em if that’ll be true.

be patient and spend your time with those awesome sin city discs

With a dual layer disc I see no reason why it couldn’t fit on one DVD as they are basically two discs in one.

Ive seen the Japanese version of Kill Bill 1 with the extra cut here and there and in full color, simply awesome!

On the new release I would like to see the whole movie recut and edited to balance it out as one complete movie, saving the House of Blue leaves battle with the crazy 88 until just before she meets back up with Bill in the final act.

If QT doesn’t do this Im going to do it myself. I’ve already re-edited The Matrix Reloaded and revolutions into one action packed non stop 3 hour 20 minute fight fest using my PC, showbiz movie maker and a few other tools. I call it the Reloaded Revolutions, original I know. I think it turned out quite good IMO. Ive been thinking about doing Kill Bill for awhile but havent mustered up the motivation to do it as of yet.

You guys have any ideas on how to replot the scenes? What order would you put them in? In the Matrix 2 and 3 I cut out lots of parts I felt were unnesessary like all the dance scenes and some of the dialog. The only rule I made was none of the action was to be cut. I soon broke that but I felt some of the attack on Zion was drawn out too long just to stretch the movie out. I time compressed some of the scenes in order to shorten it up a tad also. Non of that would be right to do to Kill Bill however. I wouldn’t cut a single scene but I would like to take both movies and try cutting them into one new mix. I wonder will QT cut any scenes out?

why would he?

and i think once you start editing movies you bough into something else, then well… why did you buy them in the first place, i mean, then its no longer the directors work.

as for dvd, dual layer dvds are the standard, and that doesnt mean you fit a lot on them, unless you make a compromise for quality, and no major studio today is willing to do that. modern dvds from newer films have very high bitrate for dvds and that doesnt leave much space for any extras, thats why we see so many 2 and 3 disc sets.

i hope they go for blue ray right away and put it on ther ein highest quality and tons of extras, and release a dvd version as well for the poor sobs among us

Personally, Im not touching blue ray for at least a few years and I doubt any studio will only release movies to that format for a very long time. I have to disagree about the dual layer. Its not standard, not yet. Most every DVD I have is single layer. Movie studios don’t want to spring for the high cost of these discs. Only the big releases with lots of extras use dual layer and most of the time they would rather use two single DVD’s instead of one dual layer. I deal with a lot of video work and a dual layer DVD will be plenty for this release although Im sure it will be on two DVD’s, the extras being on the second disc of course. If the right company does the compression it will be fine on DVD.

I edit video for my own pleasure and to also learn software. I respect their work and vision, well some directors, but I like to see what I can do myself. I wish I could get a big Hollywood job editing. Its just a hobby.

As far as the question about Q cutting some scenes, I was just wondering what people think. Some scenes would be redundant if both movies are edited together or would not need to be seen to make the story flow properly.

like the summary for the cliffhanger at the end of vol1 probably, yeah

Also want a QT commentary. If they dont have it, I’m not buying the DVD.

Haha, yes you will. You’ll just be angry for a while and then succumb to the awesome pulling power of Tarantino.

How about this Holiday Season: a DELUXE SPECIAL EDITION of Kill Bill 1 & 2. I’d buy it regardless of or in addition to all the other hoo-ha y’all want on there.

Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll buy it regardless. Just because it’s a Special Edition. :stuck_out_tongue:

A good extra would be to know why Hattori Hanzo is so mad at Bill.

An even better extra would be to see a killing mission from back in the day, with the Bride and Oren Ishii together. We could learn the origin of the “tricks are for kids” inside. Plus, you can’t get enough of Lucy Liu.

What I would love to have is…

-Quentin Tarantino Commentary

-Cast Commentary

-Quentin Tarantino And Cast Commentary

-Joe Bob Briggs Commentary(that be awesome)

-Creating Kill Bill

-The Films that influenced Kill Bill documentary

-DVD Must be a Three Disc or Two Set and the Three disc set comes in a collectors tin or you can get the regular two disc set

-Interviews with cast and crew

Fuck it. I’d be happy with just the uncut version.

…aaaaand maybe a QT & Bender commentary track…

Bit disappointed by the R2 DVD of both Kill Bills- just the one Making of… featurette was a little slim for my liking.

me pretty much summed up what I’d like, so I’m not gonna go into what I’d LIKE to see, though I can’t wait for the planned complete Kill Bill cut they’ve got coming out soon- (Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2 as one single film, with deleted scenes and extra anime sections)

Nuff said really- gonna be ace!