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Kill Bill/Conan The Barbarian both quote Nietzche

I was watching Conan The Barbarian the other day and to my amazement it quotes Nietzche near the start of the film, “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” almost just like Bill tells the Beatrix “If he doesn’t kill you, he will make you stronger” acually referring to Pei Mei. As I watched CTB with this in mind I actually found the story in Conan The Barbarian has a lot of simularities to Beatrix’s life, path and the film. Off course Kill Bill is a way better (one of THE best) film(s) in my opinion but I just thought it was worth mentioning.

Can you post some of the simularities?

Why yes, yes I can. One thing is that both Conan and Beatrix are swordfighters and they both do alot of it. That’s the main simularity. Conan’s parents are killed and that, in a remote way, reminds me of Beatrix’s husband to be, Tommy Plympton and her friends that get killed in the Massacre At Two Pines scene.

I love Conan.

Hell yes, me too. I only wish his show were still on the air in Holland.

heres another one:

Conan wants revenge against the tribe that destroyed his village and family. The tribe in question is based around - SNAKES! There boss even turns into a snake somewhere towards the end!

Bills DiVAS gang are also based on snakes, each of them has a different code name, Bills is “Snake Charmer” LOL

Sorry if its already been mentioned on another post, but I thought i’d stick it here too

Bill’s name should be Cobra Commander

Ah man, Conan the Barbarian is a great flick too.

Conan the Barbarian, a good film? …why not? yeah i have a warm spot for Arnolds earlier works and the films atmos is enough to make it watch able even by the harsher critics of the actor turned governor :-</E>