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Kill Bill: Complete soundtrack in order

if some one could help me find a definitive list of the songs from kill bill in the order that they appear i would be so greaful…

i’ve tried looking in the stickies but no-such luck…thankx

does any one have these?


Written by David Allen Young

"Il Grande Duello / The Grand Duel, A (Mix II)"

Written by Luis Enríquez Bacalov (as Luis Bacalov)

Performed by Luis Enríquez Bacalov (as Luis Bacalov)

"Champions of Death"

Written by Shunsuke Kikuchi

"Black Mamba"

Written by The Wu Tang Clan

"Ay Que Caray"

Written by Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz

Whats up guys? Since I’ve obtained most of the songs played in Vol.1 and Vol.2, I thought it would be a cool idea to edit them all together to create The Kill Bill Musical Epic. For any die hard Kill Bill fan, like myself, I’ve edited some of the songs in the same fashion they are heard in the films. The songs from Vol.1 and Vol.2 flow together and there is no mid Vol.2 preview/intro as seen in the films. Now, at the risk of becoming ridiculed for something very small, I’ll note that I do NOT have every single piece of music heard in the films. Some of them do not exist to the public ears and others are harder to track down than the President. However, none of them are any major loss, and you’ll be pleased to know that a lot of the songs included in the “epic” are extremely rare. I do not have the slightest clue as to how to share this, but I think you can appreciate why I did this. I’ve always wanted one long Kill Bill Epic, both in movie form and music. Since no one really had one available, to my knowledge, I took it upon myself to make one. Now keep in mind that it is not just all the songs back to back, in order. Yes, they are in order, but they’re edited exactly as heard in the film. Minus a few, which in the film, aren’t really edited, but cut off…example being A Satisfied Mind. Any-fucking-way, since the songs are copyrighted I’ve been informed that it’s probably not the best idea to post it on this website. So if you are interested I’ll be happy to send it…or I dono, I could put it on a website, but I don’t know how. So I guess if there’s some saviour out there who would put it on a site, I could send it to him. If no one cares about this thing then I’m truly sorry for wasting your prescious time…spent sitting on the computer. Thankyou!

Everybody has been searching for the songs in that list. I have both versions of Il Grand Duello. I’m not sure which one is version two though. Also, Black Mamba is the hidden track on the Volume 2 OST.

[quote=“Sidewinder”]… So if you are interested I’ll be happy to send it…or I dono, I could put it on a website, but I don’t know how. So I guess if there’s some saviour out there who would put it on a site, I could send it to him. If no one cares about this thing then I’m truly sorry for wasting your prescious time…spent sitting on the computer. Thankyou!


could you please post the list, so that I don’t have to work 5 hours to compile it myself, and it seems like many here would like to see such a list with all the songs in the right order… you dont have to send me the files :slight_smile: just post the list if you can

Damm… :frowning:

The list I posted isn’t complete at all!

I forget to add:

Feature presentation tune” (the music played after the “Shaw brothers theme”)

The Grand Duel A (mix 2)” (played… ? )

"Beatrix meet B.B.� - Robert Rodriguez

There are others Rodriguez tracks played in the official site…I don’t know the titles…

I found the list:



<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ID=4.topic”></LINK_TEXT>

The real title of the track called “Elle’s theme” (volume 2 official web site) is “Fideo del oeste” by Chingon! :wink:

It’ s included in the album Mexican Spaghetti Western!

p.s. Thanks Ponch!

Slyvia, the site states that the 5678’s also perform Motorcycle Go Go in the film. I haven’t seen it in a while, so I’m not 100% sure of whether it is wrong or whether you’ve just forgotten to add it in. Just thought I would add this for posterity.

EDIT- Are the soundbites deliberately missing? Where would Queen of the Crime Council slot in?

Yes I know…but I think it’s a mistake…

This song isn’t in the end credits…and the 5678’s play just 3 songs in the movie.

I’m quite sure about this

Yes, I decided not including the sound bites in the list…

I must refresh the list again…I found others Rodriguez tracks…


[color=red]KILL BILL

[color=red]Complete OST in order

[color=red]VOLUME 1

  1. Shaw brothers theme

  2. Features presentation

  3. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra

    Opening titles; The Bride enters in Hanzo’s bar

  4. Music Box Dancer - Richard Abel, written by Frank Mills

    The Bride parks outside/exits Vernita’s house.

  5. Ironside (Excerpt) - Quincy Jones

    The Bride sees Vernita, Sophie, O-Ren, Budd and Elle outside the trailer in vol. 2

  6. That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers

    Earl McGraw arrives at the Two Pines Chapel.

  7. Twisted Nerve - Bernard Hermann

    The tune that Elle whistles in the hospital scene.

    8 ) 7 Note In Nero (7 Notes In Black) - Vince Tempera & Orchestra

    Played just before The Bride attacks Buck.

  8. Truck Turner - Isaac Hayes

    The Bride finds the Pussy Wagon in the car park.

  9. The Grand Duel, M10 - Luis Bacalov

    The “Wiggle your big toe” scene.

  10. The Grand Duel (Parte Prima) - Luis Bacalov

    1st part of the anime sequence.

  11. The Grand Duel A (mix 2)


  12. I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta - Armando Trovajoli

    O-Ren’s father is killed by Pretty Riki

  13. Run Fay Run - Isaac Hayes

    Still the anime sequence: O-Ren kills the general in the car.

  14. Wound That Heals (aka Kaifuku Suru Kizu) - Lily Chou-Chou

    The Bride finds the swords in Hanzo’s attic.

  15. The Lonely Shepherd - Zamfir

    Hanzo gives the sword to The Bride; The Bride writes her death list on the plane/end titles.

  16. Boing – sound effect

    The presentation of Sofie Fatale, GoGo Yubari and Johnny Mo

  17. Armundo - David Allen Young

    The presentation of Sofie Fatale, GoGo Yubari and Johnny Mo

  18. Yakuza Oren 1 - The RZA

    O-Ren cuts Boss Tanaka’s head.

  19. Green Hornet - Al Hirt

    The Bride arrives in Tokyo, O-Ren driving to the House Of Blue Leaves, The Bride on her bike

  20. Battle Without Honor Or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotei

    O-Ren and the others enter the House Of Blue Leaves.

  21. I Walk Like Jane Mansfield - The’s
  22. I’m Blue - The’s
  23. Woo Hoo - The’s

    These 3 songs are played by the group on stage.

  24. Death rides a horse - Ennio Morricone (�From Man to Man OST�)

    The Bride cuts Sofie’s arm and challenges O-Ren.

  25. Sound effect - Flip Sting

    The Bride vs GoGo.

  26. Crane - The RZA

    The Crazy 88’s surround The Bride.

  27. I Giorni Dell’Ira (Day Of Anger) - Riz Ortolani

    The eye pluck, switch to b/w

  28. Champions Of Death - Shuzsuko Kibushi

    The Bride vs The Crazy 88’s.

  29. Sword Swings (sound effect)

  30. Axe Throws (sound effect)

  31. Super 16 (Excerpt) - NEU!

    O-Ren retreats behind the screen.

  32. Police Check Point - Harry Betts (Black Mama White Mama OST)
  33. White Lightning - Charles Bernstein
  34. Nobody But Me - The Human Beinz

    The Bride vs The Crazy 88’s.

  35. Banister Fight - The RZA

    The Bride vs Johnny Mo.

  36. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda

    The Bride and O-Ren fight in the snow.

  37. The Flower Of Carnage (Shura No Hama) - Meiko Kaji

    After the last fight, when The Bride walks away.

  38. Yagyu Conspiracy - Toshiaki Tsushima

    Background music of the “second reason” speech.

    40)Urami Bushi - Meiko Kaji

    End titles.(both volumes)

    [color=red]VOLUME 2

  39. A Silhouette Of Doom - Ennio Morricone (“Un dollaro a testa OST)

    Opening titles; Before the fight between The Bride & Elle.

  40. Il Tramonto (aka Sundown) - Ennio Morricone ("Il Buono Il Brutto Il Cattivo OST)

    The Bride wanders out of the chapel and finds Bill.

  41. Massacre at Two Pines Wedding Chapel (Do I look pretty?) - Robert Rodriguez

    After The Bride has kissed Bill.

  42. Dies Irae (M9) - Nora Orlandi

    Bill and Budd talk outside the trailer.

  43. Ay Que Caray - Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz

    The music played in the ‘My Oh My’ club.

  44. Budd lonely trailer – Robert Rodriguez

    Budd returns home from the strip club.

  45. A Satisfied Mind - Johnny Cash

    The song from Budd’s record player.

    8 ) Budd trailer suspicions - Robert Rodriguez

    Budd stops the song and looks out of the window.

  46. A Bride Revealed - Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride pulls off her hood and is ready to attack Budd.

    10)A Fistful Of Dollars (Theme) - Ennio Morricone (“Per un pugno di dollari OST”)

    After Budd has shot The Bride.

  47. Calling The Hateful Bitch - Robert Rodriguez

    Budd phones Elle.

  48. Can’t Hardly Stand It - Charlie Feathers

    The Bride wakes up and finds that Budd has tied her up.

  49. Il Mercenario(Ripresa) - Ennio Morricone (“Il Mercenario OST�)

    Budd nails the coffin shut.

  50. In front of the stairs (invented title!!) – Robert Rodriguez

    Before clinbing the stairs

  51. White Lotus Mountain (aka Steps of fury) - Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride climbs the stairs of the Temple.

    16)Title theme�Three Tough Guys� - Isaac Hayes

    Pai Mei tests the Bride’s skills.

  52. Invincible Pole Fighter mix (aka training montage) - Robert Rodriguez

    The training of the Bride

  53. Il Mercenario(L’Arena) - Ennio Morricone (“Il Mercenario OST”)

    The Bride escapes from her grave.

  54. The Chase - Alan Reeves/Phil Steele/Philip Brigham

    Elle driving towards Budd’s trailer.

  55. Sunny Road To Salina – Christophe written by Daniel Bevilacqua (“Quando il sole scotta OST”)

    The Bride walking through the desert.

  56. About black mamba snakes dialogue theme - Robert Rodriguez

    Elle reads her notes about black mambas

  57. Budd Twang - Robert Rodriguez

    After having killed Budd, Elle puts the cash in her case.

  58. Tu Mira (Edit) - Lole Y Manuel

    The Bride drives to Esteban Vihaio.

  59. Summertime Killer (aka Motorcycles circus) - Luis Bacalov (“Ricatto alla mala OST”)

    The Bride enters Bill’s hacienda.

    25)The Bride meets BB – Sound Effect

    The Bride sees BB for the first time

  60. BB – Robert Rodriguez

    The Bride holds BB

  61. About Her - Malcolm McLaren

    The Bride & B.B. watch Shogun Assassins, then she goes to face Bill.

  62. Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique - sound effect

  63. The Demise Of Barbara, And The Return Of Joe - Ennio Morricone (�Un dollaro a testa OST")

    Bill takes his final steps and dies.

  64. Malagueña Salerosa - Chingon

    Cast credits.

    31)Goodnight Moon - Shivaree

    Black and white end credits.

    32)Black Mamba (instrumental) - The RZA

    End credits


    Volume 2 Official site:

    Elle’s theme: Fideo del Oeste - Chingon

    Bill’s theme: Invincible Pole Fighter - Stephen Sing & So Chun Hou


    The Trio – Ennio Morricone (Il buono il brutto il cattivo OST)

    Trailer vol.2

    The Dramatics - Get Up And Get Down


    Extra tracks:

    Ode to O-Ren Ishii – The RZA (vol. 1 CD)

    Black Mamba – The RZA (vol. 2 CD ghost track)

Brilliant Sylvia. Easily the most accurate and complete list of Kill Bill tracks on the net.

Brilliant Sylvia. Easily the most accurate and complete list of Kill Bill tracks on the net.

Thanks a lot


really brilliant.

I’ve put it into the wiki also:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Soundtrack”></LINK_TEXT>

Thank u ;D

I also have Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction complete ost but the descriptions under the songs are in italian…

maybe someone can give me a hand with the translation… :-[ :-*

I asked this in another thread, but I’ll ask again. What’s the song in the DVD menu of Volume 2, with the silhouettes? I haven’t heard the entire song, but there’s nylon-string guitar and trumpets.

Nevermind, I found out. It’s Urami Bishu.